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Earth Mother Crying - Native Prophecy Netcenter - The Journal of Prophecies of Native Peoples Worldwide

We are "Dancing with the Devil!"

Mankind has made 99 % of his inventions in the past 150 years. A study

somebody with time should try to investigate on.

Tesla, Einstein, and other famous cutting-or-leading edge inventors give

credit to ESP or to interdimensional entities-via alien - for the major

technology transfers.

Here in West Virginia an UFO author Bob Teets lives at the foot of a hill

the radio was invented at-via "aliens". Teets worked for Farley, Jones and

Rockefeller in the Human Potential Foundation.

A dentist Dr. Mahlon Loomis had many alien contacts -visually and

intuitively -at the hill at Terra Alto, West Virginia where he invented

theradio. His notes were sent to Tesla as they were doing the same

experimentsand same techniques. He helped Tesla on many other things also.

The government favored the copy-cat Marconi that would go along with the

mad military industrial-complex. Thus Marconi got the publicity and the money

for the radio and antennas. Tesla and Loomis died as broke ,divorced ,

homeless, and half-insane bums. Rumors have it they were murdered.

The hollow by me -in W.V. - where the government wanted the technology

transfer for a new super weapon -like they did with others for the "A

"Bombby the way-was called Loom Tree Hollow. Look up all of the definitions of"

loom" in thedictionary....one means unidentified light on the horizon. Now LOOMis

means UFOis. Get it.???

Strange I may say. Bob Teets wanted me to camp out in his back yard on the

same hill where Loomis got his contacts.

The Loomis United States Patent Office number for his invention of the

radio is: Patent Number 129,971, dated July 30, 1872, witnessed by Boyd Eliot and

C.C. Wilson.

He -Loomis-demonstrated his radio and alien communication skills to

Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Remember in my writing on the ""Brotherhood

Of The Bell ""that Alex Bell's company made the first manmade flying

saucerthat looked more like a bell? The year is open for debate...some say this

technology was the real reason for WW1 and WW2. Who ever gets it rules the world and the

universe! (Illuminati!)

In 1972, when I was in the military I was told by an old WW 2 general they

found where Hitler's most secret labs were and he was there to see what

wasin them-saucers and cloning or eugenic experiments. Through another person

at another location the same year I was told about Area 51 Groom Lake. I

then knew at that time two Top Secret things that 99.99 % of the world's

population did not know. The physical saucers and physical aliens are

manmade under the instructions of the demonic command to the Illuminati

forsome very special reasons that go back to Genesis 6:1 of the Bible.

( It was also back then and there I met- the infamous Aviary's "Falcon" -Scott Jones-my

mind-control handler in Project Monarch!)

So the aliens taught us to make electricity, TV, radio, computers,

satellites and the surveillance equipment with the digital angel that will

enslave us. A Satanic mind- controlled and human sacrificial way of

life. Wow..Project Trojan Horse if I had ever seen it. Darwin's Theory

madethe perfect faint for Satin's sucker-punch on humanity.

You can get a dissertation about Mahlon Loomis by K.L Corum and J.F.

Corum, Ph.D. Rt.9, Box207-B, Morgantown, W.V., 26505- or -P.O.Box

761, Camptom, N.H., 03223,- or -battelle, 505 King Ave., Columbus,

Ohio, 4301-2693.

Also for the relationship of electricity to your biology -and mind

control-there are a few 400 to 500 page books out there. One is "Mega

Brain Power "by Michael Hutchinson ISBN 1-56282-770-7. Another book is by Robert

O.Becker, M.D., and Gary Selden called "The Body Electric" ISBN


These books also have the frequencies that the mind reacts to. Another

book by Richard Sauder, Ph.D., is called the "Kundalini Tales" ISBN 0932813615

It has the actual electronic diagrams, schematics and U.S.Patents of portable

RF ELF mind control transmitters - the size of a pack of matches-that the

government and cults are using-build it yourself stuff.

We all would have been much better off working on the farm leading a

peaceful life.We would not be dying of obesity and going crazy from

high-tech government and corporate lifestyles. Communities and neighbors

would be more friendly and less isolated from each other also.

I would also like to comment on the other article with Al Cuppet ex-Joint

Chiefs Of Staff. I myself have ran into a lot of what Al is talking about.

One day last year I talked on the telephone with the manager of Briggs&

Stratton Engines in Minn., Minn. He said some of his men in the factory

found a railroad car full of chains and shackles mounted on the walls. They also

found a concentration camp in the wilderness. I have talked to pro-NWO

Federalists that have transported such devices. It is for real. It is

going to take them a few more years to set it all up but they are first working

on silencing us now- they want to keep the masses in the dark as they have

about the "technology transfers".

What did Eve take in the "Garden Of Eden" and what did it do? It gave

advanced knowledge of the mysteries of the cosmos and physics. God sort of

said' fine, from now on..use your"knowledge " to give your self eternal

life- now you will know death.' We still have not found the fountain of

youth or have cured cancer and by the way it was Satan- King Of The

E.T.'s - that told her via ESP how to get her "TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER".

And, yes ,I too for many years have noticed that after a weekend camping

out in the wilderness that when I get closer to the big city I feel the

tension, paranoia and madness.The closer you get to the crowds of people and the

closer you get to all of that radio energy(radioactivity-by the way) the

more psychotic and or neurotic you will get. I think it is a combination

of the radio frequencies and the demonic realm dancing on top of it all in

collusion with them to drive us into a mental-spiritual hell on earth.Thus

it could be said we have an electronic "Tower Of Babel" touching the real

"Heavens" already.

We are "Dancing with the Devil!"

Billy Da Kid..aka..Condor..aka...Point Man

William Dean Ross



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"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." Amos 3:7

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