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The Impending Doom Facing Our Global Economy by The Year 2000

The Impending Doom Facing Our Global Economy by The Year 2000

By Dennis Maguire



We have just entered into the new age of Aquarius, leaving behind the Age of Pisces, which consciousness no longer exists.


It means that our world now exists of a whole new consciousness (Aquarius) to which people are reacting in a negative way. This is causing an overall state of confusion and distrust, resulting in anger. Why? The change of consciousness also requires a change from the individual All we have known until now is how we can create a Win-Lose environment. Today this type of system will be totally ineffective and, if our economy is to flourish once again, we must review these views and attitudes.


In the business world, people have learned to operate successfully in a competitive environment. As a result, competition has brought to the market place increased quality, service and competitive prices. This, in turn, has increased our customer base and has increased the number of businesses, contributing to a healthy and thriving economy.


Even though, over the last 9 months, interest rates have reached an all time low and equal to 35 years ago, we are still on the brink of a disastrous depression on a world wide scale. In effect, interest rates as they presently stand should catapult us into a prosperous economy. However, as we are all aware the system we have cultivated until now has become ineffective under this new consciousness. Fear, on the other hand, is making businesses unsure and is a great factor in holding back a potentially booming economy.


The boom of the early 80's saw investors mortgaging their homes, spending their life savings and over-borrowing to make easy money on quick 'get rich' schemes. Investors continued this blind frenzy until the late 80's when the inevitable 'Crash' occurred. During this high period the banks were enjoying very prosperous times and were instrumental in this frenzy, lending to almost anyone who was willing to borrow. It was only those at the end of the frenzy who were left with horrendous debts.


Almost 10 years have passed since the 'Crash' of our economy and the bitter memories of our over zealous spending spree are still vivid. Today, as a result, investors have become very cautious and even fearful of spending or investing money. Not only did the crash affect the attitudes of investors but also, banks have been affected. Lending institutions have tightened up their lending procedures so much so that they have made it almost impossible for most people to borrow money. Frightened of another boom, both the Banks and Investors are holding back.


This type of fear has caused some in the business world, to resort to desperate measures. Adopting under-handed methods in order to create a positive outcome will no longer work under this new consciousness. Today, desperation and ruthless actions will only lead to more failure.


The 1990's have shown us much change on a global scale. Beginning with the stand against communism in China in (Teniamin Square); the collapse of the Iron Curtain in Russia; the fall of the Berlin Wall; the end of apartheid in South Africa and the peace process in Ireland and the Middle East. Sensitive issues are also addressed such as Racism with the riots in USA and Drug Issues on a larger scale where the FBI is now convicting major Mafia figures and South American Drug Lords. Governments today are only voted into office if their policies deal with social issues such as the environment; pedofilia; prostitution; abortion; euthanasia; religious cults; sexual assaults in the church; prison reforms, equality for the sexes, discrimination, women's rights and sexual abuse. Our system is now exposing corruption in our society (the Fitzgerald Inquiry), and we are facing issues such as land rights (Mabo) we have previously ignored. The changes we are experiencing today is endless and clearly shows that power is shifting and Governments must listen to the voice of the people.


This change in consciousness is causing confusion and affecting every part of our social structure including business, religion, bureaucracy and the environment. This new consciousness calls for Global Unity. The dramatic changes we have seen in the 1990's have shown us that we are in desperate need for this change, on a global scale, and the change must start with the views and attitudes of the individual.


The consciousness has changed and has shown us through a range of global events that change in our personal attitude is imperative. From humble beginnings, our learning under the Piscean consciousness was to achieve personal growth and survival. This brought about 'Experience' which taught the Self all that we know today, including greed, lust, envy and the like. Under the Aquarian consciousness our learning is to continue our personal development and survival. Today, however, we must draw from the wisdom we have gained from our experience and success will come through 'Unity'. Therefore, no longer is it possible to achieve positive results from a negative action. Creative thinking is the method to use in order to achieve Unity. Creating a 'Win-Win' environment to replace the old 'I Win-You Lose' environment from which we are presently operating. This will allow us to prosper once again and regain Trust and Faith in our future.


Unless we decide to change we may well be collectively responsible for our own doom. Today, confusion reigns as we are bombarded with disasters almost on a daily basis. The fact that these are occurring on a global scale shows us that the change must be effected globally. However, all major changes begin with the individual and we must all face up to our responsibilities. We have the power to avert this impending doom which is hanging in the balance. If we continue to ignore our responsibilities or pretend this problem does not concern us then we are in denial of this change. People who think this way will then justify their fears and inertion in every possible way.

The change we need to effect as individuals concerns our views and attitudes. Our world is going through major changes towards the new millennium so why, then, do we doubt that our old thinking patterns and attitudes also need to change?

If we let this opportunity pass or choose to remain in denial, the results will be devastating. On a global scale, all systems familiar in our daily lives will eventually collapse. We will then be heading towards the new millennium suffering the worst depression we have ever known.

At the moment, every opportunity is at hand for us to become successful individuals of a thriving nation and all that is required to achieve this outcome is some definite positive action. Our experience has shown us that the voice of one individual can gain momentum to become a united voice of the people, which can effect major changes.

The time to act is now. Don't let this opportunity pass!


Creative thinking is the method to use in order to achieve Unity. The method we must embarrass is a 'Win-Win' environment to replace the old 'I Win-You Lose' environment from which we are presently operating. The Result will allow us to bring about prosperity for everyone and regain Trust and Faith in our future. People who help others will, in turn, be helping themselves. Under Spiritual Laws, the Law of Abundance says that: 'what we give will be returned to us in equal strength'. Therefore, a Win-Win environment is the only way we can secure our future and gain strength, not only as an individual but also as a nation and globally. In short, using the wisdom gained from our experience, in a creative way to achieve unity, will help us prosper in every way.

Our choice is simple and rewarding: Unity, prosperity and Peace of Mind.

By Philosopher, Visionary & Lecturer Dennis Maguire.

Reprinted from issue 5 of REFLECTION MAGAZINE




Copyright © 1996-2001 Earth Mother Crying


"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." Amos 3:7

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