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NWO: now doing to people of all colors what was once only done to the Native Americans and Aboriginals!

TIP: Read book called the "OCTOPUS" about Danny Casolaro by Jim Keith. The Feds killed both of them. It is about Wacvkenhut-FBI -Mafia-connections using Indian Land for Black Operations.

All articles are by William Dean Ross

- World Futurist and Federalist Societies are trying to eliminate people

THE HIDDEN EVIL AGENDA - The One World Government and One World Religion

We are "Dancing with the Devil!" - The Looting of America: Asset forfeiture without trial

RIDERS ON THE STORM - Black Sciences Compartment of the Black Operations

BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL - U.S. Govt’s Black Sciences Compartment of the Black Operations


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Military Right to arrest Civilians:

Biodiversity - Heritage Rivers Act - Kyoto Treaty - Maps:

Project TROJAN HORSE-The Emerging American Gulags , Storm Troopers and Aushwitzes:

Miscellaneous Related To Reasons for Disarming:

At this site download and copy the FBI's Project MEGIDDO. This political analysis is 100% one-sided. There is not one liberal, leftist, group on the FBI's "WATCH and HARASS LIST". The UNA-BOMBER, HEAVENS GATE CULT, Japanese Cult that CHEMO sabotaged subways and manyother- like radical environmentalists and the World Trade Center riots in Seattle- and other acts of terrorism were all LIBERAL-LEFTISTS!  Absolutely none are listed.

That is because the authors of the FBI's Megiddo are all Occultists andWitches(Masons). After going to this site at the bottom of the pages infineprint are the websites of those that made this DIRECTIVE for the FBI tofollow-they are Occultists.

The Medal of Honor is an upside down Pentagram - the Goat of Mendes - "LUCIFER". The National Monument is a 666 Ft. penis of the Sun God - called an obelisk. The pool of water and the OVAL office represent the Ovaries and sex. remember the Y2K ceremonies where the lights and fireworks went off at the bottom of it and slowly up to the top and the Grand Finale was an occultic ejaculation as the wiccans walked into the icy cold water - all on TV? The street lay - out of D.C - from the air - is a Pentagram. On top of the White House is an upside down Pentagram facing the north. Hillary has occultic trance channeling sessions up there. I can go on and onbut my point is that Christianity is sticking its head in the sand like and Ostrich and the Lion is getting ready to eat a big bird. In Col. John Alexander's books "Future Warrior" "Tomorrow's Warrior" and the "WarriorsEdge" - he is the man in charge of the new micro-wave weapons systems bluntly and proudly states that these weapons will be used on Conservatives, Constitutionalists and Christians. Our tax dollars have paid this guy to make weapons that are intended to be used against us. They want as little resistance as possible - when this goes down 10 or 20 years from now- that is why the American must be either disarmed or under-armed. Everything else is just dancing around the real motive and agenda.

BillyDa Kid