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The True State of Israel: Lies Exposed

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The True State of Israel: Lies Exposed

reprinted with permission...

Shalom rav and Happy New Year to all the members of the prophecy

yowusa_prophecy@egroups.com group.

Two months ago, as we waited (and are still waiting) for news of

comet 76P, I announced to the group that I was going back to Israel.

I have been living and learning in Jerusalem for the past two

months, as well as doing my own fact finding tour of Judea (the

southern part of the West Bank/Palestinian territories) and parts of

Israel, concentrating on my own personal interests in construction

and development. I have been staying with an Armenian Christian Arab

family, praying at the Wall daily, studying with learned Rabbis,

meeting with settlers in Judea, and basically keeping an open mind

while trying to assess what is going to happen next.

When I came here, I had the idea based on the news and internet,

as well as my own preconceptions from my military service here twenty

years ago, that the peace process would fail, a Palestinian State

would be declared, and war would break out.

I am happy to report, that I have totally discarded that


Jerusalem today is nothing like I remember it. Peace is in the

air. Hassidic Jews walk through the streets of the Muslim quarter on

their way to synagogues there or to the Jewish quarter. Muslim

couples stroll through the streets of the Jewish quarter at night.

Secular Israeli tourists crowd out the pilgrims shopping in the

Christian quarter. Jews and Arabs treat each other with tolerance

and respect. Most people are prospering and few people want to ruin

this happy state of affairs.

Most of the 150,000 Jewish settlers in the areas slated for the

Palestinian state are living in bedroom communities, built by Arab

contractors. Even with the uncertainties of the peace process, real

estate development is booming and the only ones suffering are new

home buyers. It may be in some speculators' interests to create

fear of the future in an attempt to buy up houses cheap, but long

term.., peace is in everybody's interests.

Some of the settlers feel that the smaller outlying Jewish

settlements will be abandoned by Barak to the Palestinian authority.

I visited a few of the most precarious settlements where armed

confrontations have taken place in the past. I can report to you

that the people the media calls extremists are no more than middle

aged men trying to protect years of endeavour and investment in their

homes. These men came here as young radicals, but now they are

older. In time they served on the audit committees of their

settlements and began pointing out the sort of financial

irregularities that can happen in any small village government. That

is when the people under scrutiny, decided to bring up the past and

denounce these people as extremists. Don't believe everything you

read in the media... it is owned by big business.

On one of the most strategic hilltops, I found what looked like

a hippie commune straight out of the 1970's. It was populated by

Breslover Hassidim who maintain good relations with their Arab

neighbours. Their most radical idea is that they want to bring the

bones of their Rebbe back from the Ukraine and bury them on that

hilltop. Currently the Breslovers make a yearly pilgrimage to the

Rebbe's grave in the Ukraine, contributing millions of dollars to

that country's economy. If the Rebbe's bones are brought to the

Judean desert, it will be a big boost for the Arab villages nearbye.

Remember that pilgrim tourism has always been the lifeblood of

the Holy Land. Therefore the economy does best when there is peace

and tolerance for all religions.

Many of you Christians in the West are waiting for Christ to

return at the end of a big apocalypse. My advice to you is that you

be careful what you pray for.

Holy War, Jihad, and Crusades are concepts common to all the

biblical religions. However our sages, priests, and imams tell us

that this is also a metaphor for the internal struggle between our

Godly soul and our evil inclination. The fiercer we wage this fight

within ourselves through prayer and repentance, the less it will

manifest in the external world.

The rabbis I speak to, teach that all the negative prophecies of

the Bible will come to pass, but they can be minimized through prayer

and repentance.

Perhaps cosmic debris is heading our way. It is also the Jewish New

Year, a time of repentance and prayer. It is time to ask G-d to

avert the evil decree. If the prophecy of a star poisoning a third

of the fresh waters must be fulfilled so that we know G-d's word is

true, than may a Tunguska type meteor explode over an unpopulated

part of Canada (home of a third of the world's fresh water), killing

no-one. If water is to be poisoned, may it be a lake with no fish,

and may the Whitefish, Trout, and Greyling be spared.

Let us all tell G-d that the world has suffered enough in the

twentieth century. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, we have had our

fill of retribution, chastisements, false gods and anti-christs. If

another anti-christ is coming, may he be a little one, easily


I can see a high probability that the prophecy of the anti-

christ is about to be fulfilled. The easiest way out of the current

impasse is the internationalization of Jerusalem. The PLO is

floating this idea. They are doing this because they know that the

Muslim and Christian Arabs of Jerusalem, whom they claim to

represent, would rather be under United Nations authority than Yassir

Arafat's mafia goons. Most Orthodox Jews would not object as long as

Jerusalem remains a place of Torah study and prayer. Secular

Israelis would accept anything if it meant real peace.

If Jerusalem became an international city in the centre of the

world, it stands to reason that many United Nations offices would

move here. It would be the obvious logistical headquarters for

International Peacekeeping forces.

Israel could easily accept 1 million Palestinian refugees from

Lebanon and Jordan. Currently 450,000 Eastern European and East Asian

guest workers help keep wages low in the 2nd fastest growing economy

in the world (Ireland is 1st). Israel has no obligation to renew the

Romanians' work permits. The Palestinians can take over their jobs-

and as permanent residents they could unionize and demand higher


If this happened wages would start to standardize in the

middle east, spreading from there throughout Asia and hopefuly,

eventually to Africa. A global economy with economic justice for all

is visible on the horizon - maybe in the next two or three decades.

Okay, the bad news is that this looks like the start of one

World Government with its capital in Jerusalem. This is a negative

prophecy because G-d does not want that for His city. G-d wants all

the nations to live under their own banner while Jerusalem becomes a

place where the Nations come for pilgrimage and to study His Holy

Law. One World Government is no more G-d's plan than it was in the

days of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

Nevertheless it may be that we have to go through this negative

phase in order for Jerusalem to be restored to G-d's true purpose.

It may be that the One World Government must be set up only so that

we can flatly, definitively, reject it and overthrow the anti-

christ. But the anti-christ will have prepared the world stage for

the Messianic era.

My view, from Jerusalem, is that we should go with the flow,

and keep our minds on the ultimate goal. Know that the a United

Nations government will probably grow out of the coming Mid-East

peace treaty. President Clinton will take the credit for it, CNN

will be the official propaganda organ of the NWO, and International

banks will be in charge. In Jerusalem and th Holy Land, certain acts

of violence and confrontation will appear to occur, on the road to

peace. But you should know that this violence will probably be

jointly choreographed by the Palestinian, Israeli, and Russian

mafia. When you think about it, these people are by no means

invicible, and they are essentially clowns. They will rule for a few

years, then we will overthrow them.

The anti-christ is not the end of the world , but a process on

the road to the Messianic era. We should already be preparing to

overthrow the anti-christ. If you belong to a labour organization,

make sure your union is keeping in touch with your fellow workers

around the world, because we are all part of the same market and we

have to work together. If you belong to a church, or religious

private school system, make sure to keep in touch with like minded

bodies of other faiths in other countries. Keep the biblical values

in the forefront. We are living in a global village... so LOVE YOUR


Fight the Jihad in your own soul first. Give the internal victory

to the Messiah, the Christ, the Al-Mahdi and you will know what to do

externally. Think globally, act locally. The last act in the

history of this age is about to be played out. Keep your heart bound

to G-d's word and we will all get through this.

Shalom and Happy New Year to you all

PS. after the pilgrim festival of Sukkoth, if no asteroids have

fallen out of the skies, I plan to return to Canada where I can work

for union rates. Still I am very glad that I made this trip to

Israel. Exciting things are happening here and I plan to keep my

feet on both continents now with a view to making Jerusalem my

principle home.

I hope to see other members of this E-group in Jerusalem next

year during the other pilgrim festivals (Easter/Pesach and Pentecost)

...Next year in Jerusalem!



Wovoca aka Wovoka, Wavoka: "The Indian Messiah"

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