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EARTH CHANGES: What skills will we need?

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Aliens? or the "Ant People" who cared for the Hopi? Native Americans believe there is "duality" -- good and bad -- in everything, and that would have to include aliens. The Hopi and Pueblo say the "Ant People" fed and cared for their people while they were living underground,

between the 3rd and 4th (our) world, before they reemerged into the "upper world" at Sipapu, which is in the American Southwest.

Are the "Ant
People" back
to help us...

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because of  their accurate earthquake predictions.
Learn about who "they" are, what the U.S. Gov't is hiding, the coming pole shift, in 2003, how to prepareadvice for shelter safe from the coming flooding, homes, gardening, self-reliancemeet othersinformation, etc.

Let www.Wovoca.com help you get prepared!

EARTH CHANGES: What skills will we need?

Good question! Here's my best educated guess: First, begin to prepare yourself spiritually by reading Mary Summer Rain's, Sun Bear, Ed McGaa and a few other books -- and then by going on a vision quest. There is simply no substitute for changing and preparing lives for the future! It's much easier to walk when the path is lit, isn't it. That's what vision questing, or standing out, is all about!

I've highlighted books I think you will need to read at the end of this newsletter -- but let the spirit lead. Get them free from Interlibrary loan!

The spiritual preparation will be your biggest challenge. My spirit helpers tell me that we should expect "The Great Havoc of 2005" in a dream recently, and told me to write that down -- but being ready sooner is better. That date was given to me for my own reference, probably since I am by nature a procrastinator, but who knows? As I woke up I realized that 2005 is 7 years before 2012, which is the end f the Mayan Calendar. The Bible speaks of a tribulation period or "Time of Jacob's Trouble" which will last 7 years. There will also be a 3 1/2 year period of troubles leading up to that period -- Time, times and a half of time Better safe than sorry!

Tom Brown told a recent class in mid 1997 that of Grandfathers 104 prophecies, 99 have come to pass. The Red Skies, if we can't stop them, may only be a few years away!

Hopefully it won't happen this soon...I notice the time line being pushed ahead for us, but the Creator will only help us so much!

Then, read everything Tom Brown Jr. ever wrote, beginning with "The Quest," which has Grandfathers Vision of the Destruction of Man. Won't cost a thing if you get them from Inter-Library loan at your public library.

Read the Report on the Star Visions Conference for a second witness of this information that has been provided through the spirit. The spiritual preparations are the most important and difficult. The physical preparations may be less of a challenge! Then, consider this path to the physical skills needed. Take courses from Tom Brown if you can!

But, perhaps I'm missing the whole point with these comments -- perhaps that this newsletter is the last place I should broach them. Let me know if you find them really offensive. I'm just like everybody else, and trying to make sense of this whole mess, and see things in perspective. At least you can get an idea of what makes us tick. We feel it our business to defend our homes and loved ones, and be ready to assist others get through the coming earth changes, when government services will probably not be available.

I realize that many of my Native American Friends are of a Liberal mindset politically and are still playing the divide-and-conquer European game -- but I totally agree with them on many things. The Conservatives have betrayed us, but so have the liberals that are in power. We Native peoples are on our own, and must stand up and be counted. We must be Conservative in protecting what left of our freedoms, and liberal in helping those that can't help themselves.

I believe the Creator can work with us if we are either hot, or cold. Those that are lukewarm, or don't care -- he can't -- in my belief. 

But the facts are that the Feds shot and killed Weaver's wife Vicky -- who was holding a baby in her arms at the time. Bo Gritz intervened and got the rest of Randy's family out alive, and was branded a Nazi by the media for his efforts. The Feds also burned to death a lot of children in the bunker under the Branch Davidian's CHURCH -- children that they used as an excuse to assault the compound to begin with.

But if the Feds didn't respect our Native Spiritual ceremonies, why did the White's ever believe their Churches were immune? Perhaps they thought we were less than them, and it was O.K. to persecute us...even when they knew the scripture "Whatsoever thou doest unto the least of these... thou doest unto me" -- Jesus of Nazareth.

We Red Men know about the killing of children by the Feds, don't we. Randy Weaver won a $10,000,000 award from the courts, the Judge censured many of the Federal Agencies and individuals, and the BATF and FBI are under close scrutiny by the U.S. Congress as a result. But the problem is that Vicky Weaver and her son and their friend, as well as over 80 Branch Davidians had to die to move the congress off the dime.

This country probably won't survive as a republic for the same reason that our First Nations (many  of which were Republics) didn't survive as sovereign nations -- because the "Patriot Movement" is splintered, filled with fruits and nuts that don't understand our true history, the Constitution, why we fought England, etc. These fruits and nuts are the product of the Public Education System in the U.S. The Toka has re-written much U.S. history -- we Red Men understand that.  

Even the famous Black Panther leader and noted communist Eldredge Cleaver said that had he been taught the real history of this country and what the Constitution was about, he would never have become a communist! He left the same church Gritz did -- the church where he learned about the Constitution. That same church used to defend the Constitution, but recently excommunicated 100's of avid constitutionalists!

Ask yourself why. Many of that same church's leaders highest leaders are now saying that the constitution isn't the "inspired document" that the Church's Founder said it was. That's one of the big reasons why I no longer attend that church.

What's happening in this country when the LDS church, which once claimed that they would be the "last bastion" of freedom, when the Constitution "hung by a thread" begins actively courting the United Nations? Dr. George P. Lee, a prominent Navaho educator  and that church's first and only Native American Apostle, was excommunicated from the church because of what he called the church's genocidal attitude toward Native's worldwide! Lee told this editor that many of the church's leaders (and he knew because he was one of it's highest leaders -- a "General Authority") truly believed that the New World Order was going to lead this world into the Millennium!

You probably won't believe this until you read the U.N.'s documents, but the U.N.'s avowed purpose is to do away with the sovereignty of and disarm the people of the United States and every other country! Ever heard of Pax Romana - the "Peace of Rome" that was kept only by brute force and coercion? That's what the U.N. would have. What's happening in this country is the ENEMY! Jesus fought Rome spiritually in his day, and we fight the resurrected Holy Roman Empire today!    

Wovoca aka Wovoka, Wavoka: "The Indian Messiah"

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