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Father, Grandfather, Wa-kan Tan-ka (Eternal Power) You and You alone, have created everything: the universe, the earth, the four powers, the four ages, the four winds, the four colors, the tree people, the bushes, the plant and grass people, the winged people, the water people, the four-legged people. You placed here on Mother Earth to live as relatives. You watch over all your creation.

You placed to the west a power greater than man has ever known, the Thunder Beings, to watch over the Sacred Pipe, which you gave to the ik-che wi-cha-sha (pure beings ), through Ta-tank-a (Buffalo Nation). You said that with it the Nation shall increase and with it the nation shall make all things good. These are the only two laws that you bound to the Sacred Pipe when you gave it to the beings of this Sacred Mother Earth.

But the dark side of man's power has caused him to lose control of his goodness. Man has sought to destroy his spiritual beliefs with the love of material things. Some have used and abused the Sacred Pipe since the ska wi-cha-sha (white man) came upon this Mother Earth. And it is meant for the innocent to suffer also because they have neglected and ignored the teachings and the ways of our people which were set forth for them to follow by Wa-kan Tan-ka (Eternal Power) in the beginning. Those who keep quiet for the ones who abuse the Sacred Pipe commit the sin as much as those who abuse it.

Because of the abuse of the Sacred Pipe from both non-believers and skeptics and hypocrites as well, it has separated itself and has stood alone in the path which Wa-kan Tan-ka set for the people to walk in the beginning because they have failed to do so. Because of this, for every beat of a human heart, somewhere, someplace, one of our blood brothers or sisters returns back to Mother Earth sooner than the span of life was meant to be.

Hear and listen closely, and listen from your heart, for it has been foretold by our Sacred Men than there will be an outbreaak of disease that will become epidemic. It will cause death across Mother Earth and thousands upon thousands will die. There will be no cure for this deadly disease except for those who remember and return back to the path that Wa-kan Tan-ka has meant for them to walk since the beginning. Only those who turn back to the path and the innocent children will be saved from ravage -- only those who walk the righteous path to the end.

Wa-kan Tan-ka (Eternal Power) in the beginning set a path for all races to walk upon and to send their voices to him according to their ways, but the temptation to gain earthly things is such a force in one's heart that it has made it a lot easier for men to wander away to the uneasy and unrestful side of their lives.

The path Wa-kan Tan-ka set for us is such that the total power of man's mind cannot disturb it regardless of how man might try. The power of Wa-kan Tan-ka (Eternal Power) is still there glowing and strong where one can find it by day or by night. Wa-kan Tan-ka does not owe us anything, but we have the obligation to follow the path he set for us to follow in the beginning.

(Editor's Note: This article, written in 1975, was taken from the book "Mi-Ta-Ku-Ye" by Gilbert and Montana Walking Bull.)


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"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." Amos 3:7

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