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Metaphysical Links

This is a growing set of text links to sites that are good-hearted websites. Many of then are sites I like, and also those recommended by others. (Most recent additions are at the top).

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The Temple of Universality - The Temple of Universality celebrates the unity ofGod and man through spirit, worship, healing, and prophesy.

University for Metaphysical Studies

The Star Beacon, Earth Star's monthly newsletter on UFOs, the paranormal and spirituality

The Realm Of The Holy Grail

The Quest For True Grail History

The EDGE is a leading source in the United States for inspiration, education and information related to personal growth, integrative healing and global transformation.

The Lost Worlds © Portal Page...

your entry to World Mysteries

Gaianett (Norwegian Website)

Profetier - Astrologi - Numerologi - Drømmer - Tarot


Equinox Books & Occult Supplies

Join a Mass Prayer Experiment, open to all cultures and beliefs

  • An Inward Journey To Enlightenment - the homepage of the Phoenix, Arizona Center of the Foundation for World Awakening. With global headquarters at legendary Satyaloka Monastery in India, the Foundation for World Awakening offers programs for seekers of all traditions. Dedicated to bringing the ancient theme of enlightenment back to all of mankind, there is a current global association of over 16 million

  • SylverShyne Library - as you open the oaken double doors, the scent of oils and old parchment fill your nostrils. Your eyes take in many shelves that are mostly empty for now... there are bins throughout the area to dispose of things, tables and chairs to sit and read.

  • HEALING MOTHER EARTH - a "How To" with excellent step by step recommendations!

  • - On-Line version of Metaphysical Newspaper presents concepts for conscious living and spiritual growth. Feature stories, health, spirituality, astrology, reviews, more.

  • - We go to Great Links for you!

  • - Angela Kahealani - Clairvoyant Psychic Healer


  • - There Is Only One Religion, The Religion Of Love, There Is Only One Language, The Language Of The Heart,There Is Only One Race, The Race Of Mankind,There Is Only One God, And He Is Omni-Present

  • - Crystal Castle Sedona Arizona New Age Metaphysical Department Store


  •  - Your New Age Department Store

  • Gateway to Awareness, Inc - a California Non-Profit Religious Corporation

  • HEARTLINKS - Spiritual Journeys of the Heart

  • Eyes of Sophia: A Dream Come True
    An adventure of heart and spirit. Real-life demonstration of the co-creative magic of following the heart. About of consciousness and love.

  • After-Death Communication (ADC): Hello From Heaven! by Bill and Judy GuggenheimAfter-Death Communication: An After-Death Communication (ADC) experience occurs when you are contacted directly and spontaneously by a deceased family member or friend, without the use of psychics, mediums, rituals, or devices. The site is hosted by the co-authors of Hello From Heaven!, Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim. It offers many interactive features, including several chat rooms and a message board.

  • The Lighthouse Ghost Lovers - Spiritual Information, Psychic Development, Readings

  • The Guardian Newletter - Enjoy environmental news, articles, classifieds, poems, purchase eco-products and toys, get info on seminars & conferences. Because our mission is to give you the facts so you can help protect, preserve and improve our planet. Are you ready to walk your talk ? You've come to the right place!

  • CoreWave - The Glass Bead Game (based on the novel by Herman Hesse
    Surf a "symphony of ideas" Play infinite games. Find the connection-the corewave that holds any 2 artifact of experience in common.

  • Noosphere: The Expanding Web of Consciousness
    Excellent collection (over 4000) links to information on Teilhard de Chardin, noosphere, spirituality, consciousness, alternate realities

  • Mr. Long-Term Care
    the top-ranked site on long-term care, growing emphasis on Mindful Aging, interviews with visionaries and cutting edge genetic researchers

  • Point of Life
    Michael Levy's web site. Articles, Interviews, Spirit quiz, Poetry Contest, Books, Humaor Great links and much more.

  • Process Work Center
    Center for research and training in Process Oriented Psychology

  • Belief Systgem Selector
    Ever wondered what religious tradition is most alligned with your thinking? This questionaire will help you select from 26 different ones.

  • Integral Philosophy Foundation
    Acknowledging the integral knowledge of traditional advaita vedanta & Ramana Maharshi and the integral philosophy of Ken WIlber

  • World Mind Society
    Humanity is reaching a critical mass, or threshold of fundamental change in consciousness.The WMS is establishing a truly new Age of Clarity

  • Cosmotheism
    A Natural Religion based upon Reality, Truth, Intellectual Honesty, and Moral Courage

  • Fractal Design and Consulting (Fracdecon) Group
    The Fracdecon Group is leading in The Netherlands in the field of Awareness and Interaction Management

  • QuantumThink
    Dianne and Alan Collins teach people to QuantumThink, from a system of thinking based in the characteristics of our emerging new world view.

  • Center for the Study of Extraterrestial Intelligence
    Educate all sectors of human society about this

  • Evolution of the Social Brain
    Essay: Evolution of a collective or social mind or social brain. Term "social brain" first coined by Loren Eiseley.

    A site where one can know everything about astrology,horoscopes,palmistry,feng-shui, vasthu,dreamology,phrenology,gemology,numerology,

  • DeepSpirit
    Explorations of consciousness and cosmology from Christian de Quincey.

  • the Net Age
    A search for an emerging spirituality and culture on the Net.

  • Wide Open Windows
    Wide Open Windows to the only One Who Is. The Website with an open window to more then 800 Awakened Teachers.

  • Kundalini Survival & Support
    Support for individuals undergoing difficult Kundalini awakenings.

  • Hindu-mythology
    The site describes the hindu-mythology subject in great details alongwith display of Hindu art

  • Pure Mind Foundation
    Ancient spiritual path for those seeking to transcend boundaries of human mind consciousness. Insight into reincarnation and purpose of life

    Spiritual Consciousness for this level and beyond.

  • Krishnamurti Foundation Of America
    Contains information about the great teacher and his teachings,which are universal and timeless.

  • Pure Mind Foundation
    Ancient spiritual path for those seeking to transcend boundaries of human mind consciousness. Insight into reincarnation and purpose of life

  • The School of the Natural Order
    Correlating the ancient wisdom teachings with modern science and General Semantics

  • Cultural Integration Fellowship
    C.I.F. is a non-sectarian religious & educational org. devoted to concepts of universal religion , cultural harmony, and creative self-unfol

  • Ozone Action
    DO something about global warming. Here is a place where you can turn consciousness into action!

  • tantra
    new york area based tantra teachers for those with a serious interest in this spiritual path

  • Gary Douglas Smith
    Homepage of Gary Douglas Smith, a healer. Research with Dr. C. Norman Shealy, testimonials and his story are posted.

  • Let's understand
    A quick and easy way to understand what's going on in life

  • Dvaita
    Philosophy of Dvaita Vedanta

  • Heartland Institute
    Founded with the belief that organizational life is the conduit to a renaissance of our society and institutions, Patricia and Craig Neal work to ignite the spirit and creative energies in individuals and organizations through their Thought Leader Gatherings and related programs.

  • The Evolution/Involution of Consciousness
    A collection of more than a thousand links organized to provide an "objective" overview of the problem presented by a scientific/academic st

  • Deepak Chopra Homepage
    Homepage of Deepak Chopra, A best seller author with extensive knowledge on physics, spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy and healing

  • The Long Now Foundation
    Dedicated to slow our lives down, being mindful, as we all seem to spin out of control

  • Daily Zen
    A haven on the web of quotes that change daily, inspiring graphics that change often and a meditation room sure to refresh all who visit.

  • Reiki Healing Ministry
    Reiki, products, chakras, aromatherapy, essential oils, meditation, flower essence, stretching, pyramid information. Share.

  • Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility
    CPSR is a public-interest alliance of computer scientists concerned about the impact of computers on society.

  • Consciousness Website
    Consciousness Website,links to Qabalah tree of life and Mythology.

  • New Renaissance
    An international quarterly with a holistic perspective on environmental, social, economic, political and cultural issues

  • SpirisWay - Alternative Healing
    Enhanced self healing through the creation of postive techniques of self awareness

  • Uncovering the Innocence of Consciousness by Starting Afresh at the Very Begining
    A profound site dedicated to primacy of consciousness.

  • TheHungerSite
    Go in click and feed people...sponsors pick up the tab.

  • Consciousness Research Laboratory
    Site for one of the few psi research laboratories in the United States.

  • Center for Intuitive Learning
    What would be a quantum leap in your intuition and what will it it take to create/support a leap like that?

  • Love, Faith and Miracles
    A spiritual "hub" on the Internet. ACIM discussion. Channeled work.

  • The Lightworkers List
    A place for workers in the Light to stand up and be counted.

  • The EDGE: Exploring the Evolution of Consciousness
    A monthly exploration of personal growth, integrative healing and global transformation

  • Intelligence Research Network
    A Study of Consciousness and Behaviour which starts with the essential acknowldegement of the world situation - especially overpopulation.

  • PlaNetwork
    PLANETWORK explores the ways that information technology can contribute to creating a sustainable future.

    Future human consciousness explored and found to be achievable now. Also includes new economic model.

  • Thou Art That
    Spirituality guide dedicated to self enquiry and consciousness. Collected articles and much more.

  • Karina's Karmic Web
    New Age Spirituality

  • The Ascended Master Network
    A beautifully designed site on spiritual issues and how to use the science of the spoken to word to heal yourself and the planet.

  • FUTURE 2000
    Future, futures, futurist, futrtools, millenium, future studies and year 2000 games, links, tools, books and fun for all!

  • Cyber Demons @ The Edge of Time
    The church of the forgotten god is crumbling with age & decaying with every second of mankind's evolution in its mind & soul.

  • The Institute of Noetic Sciences
    Research, membership and educational foundation dedicated to consciousness and global mind change

  • Rising Earth
    Rising Earth is an educational initiative and information service dedicated to personal and planetary healing and transformation.

  • Reiki Healing Glastonbury Uk Home Page
    Reiki Healin Glastonbury Uk covers,Reiki One,Reiki Two and Reiki Mastership training courses.Also covered are,absent healing.astrology,

  • The Mystery of Being
    A wonderful collection of writings on mystical and philosophical points of view, and the mystery of consciousness.

  • Foundation for Global Community
    We are committed to evolving an Earthwise culture, in which humans live in concert with the global living system and with each other.

  • Adidam
    Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Wisdom Teaching available to all beings as The Way of the Heart

  • Spirituality and the Art of Living
    Homepage of German writer Manfred Miethe featuring his published books and new material like "The Master's Manual" (English and German)

  • The Halcyon Cosmopolitan Entertainment
    The Halcyon Cosmopolitan Entertainment. Spiritual Megalink Website.

  • Dave Davies and The Spiritual Planet
    Explore all areas of Metaphysics with Dave, friends and collaborators

  • ~The IS~
    Spirituality, Chat, Poetry, Artwork. Submit your artwork to be displayed.

    Enjoy every moment to the fullest!

  • Mind Detox
    Mind Detox is a new book & audiotape by London hypnotherapist and motivational coach, Deborah Marshall-Warren.

  • Consciousness: A Berkeleian Perspective
    Berkeley's metaphysics offers an alternative approach to consciousness & psi phenomena (versus Kant's metaphysics).

  • One Degree Beyond
    This Center for Life Transformation offers tools and resources for journeys of self-discovery,personal growth, and natural healing........

  • Soul Life Center On-line
    On-line personal and spiritual growth.

  • The Gathering
    Spiritual Help, and angelic guidance, also a place for women to chat and pray

  • Sai Ram
    Sathya Sai Baba encourages us to recognize who we are. We are not these minds. We are not these bodies. We are ...

  • NewLife Education Center
    Online healing, pagan contacts

  • Advayavada Buddhism Information Center - Amsterdam
    Information about Advayavada Buddhism, with Questions and Answers section.

  • The American Renaissance Alliance
    A place where spirituality and politics meet, created by Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch

  • The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
    Important books by Thom Hartmann, about "waking up to personal and global transformation".

  • Spirit Brasil
    Spiritual site in portuguese. Dedicated to personal growth and spiritual development. A place to learn, where friends are welcome.

  • Consciousness in Business
    A site dedicated to the new paradigm of doing business spiritually

  • High Vibrations
    Light heals fearful historical darkness.

  • The Medicine Art of Dream Interpretation
    Personal coaching for understanding spiritual significance of dreamtime messages.

  • Herbs and Prayer: Spiritual Herbal Medicine
    Combines herbology with prayer, spiritual intent, and Sacred Ceremony

  • Moon Lodge Visions: A Sacred Journey of Acceleration
    Visionary prophecy about the years between 1996 and 2012, for those who on a spiritual path of awakening

  • Awakening Earth
    Duane Elgin's site dedicated to research and learning that fosters a sustainable, compassionate, and creative future.

  • New Visions Catalog
    A gathering of resources for saving ourselves and the world.

  • The Millennial Page
    A forum for information, observations, channelings, etc. regarding these expansive times.

  • N.O.E.T.I.C. University
    An Empath school which offers graduate programs, certificates, and career development for Empaths.

  • IntegralSpirit
    Explore our online community devoted to integral spirituality.

  • Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression
    Features Masters, Gurus, Teachers, Confessors, Realizers, Scholars, Poets, and the Scriptures Behind Them.

  • John Renesch
    About futurist, writer and business cosmologist John Renesch, reviews of his books, keynote and publishing services, and links to colleagues

  • Dream World
    A peak performance resource of research, ideas, mind machines, subliminal audio and human potential enhancing books for the dreamer in all.

  • Mike Beaver's Hypnotherapy Home Page
    a huge links page focused on hypnosis, ASCs, healing and related topics

  • The Human Connection Institute
    Dedicated to facilitating the experiential exploration of shared awareness among all people

  • Is Peace Of Mind A Reality?
    Resource for people interested in inner peace and world peace. "Peace Maker Kit" offer with FREE newsletter

  • Arizona Holistic Rejuvenation, Retreat & Renewal Center
    Resources for people interested in healthy nutrition, live food, Ayurveda, fasting, retreats, yoga, peace, meditation,

  • The Resonance Project
    An eclectic blend of conciousness, music, media, etc... all in one fine magazine

  • The Real Basics
    This site defines the nature of a meaningful education employing an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach, resulting in a new world view.

  • Altered States of Consciousness Centre
    Our aim is to promote knowledge of non-physical reality, and in doing so, to hopefully make people aware that life is full of wonder.

  • World Transformation
    A cornucopia of positive resources for a changing world.

  • Dialogue
    Dialogue is a method of speaking and listening in which we create common meaning. This is a brief introduction.

  • Religion and Philosophy: Saurav B. Prasad
    Contains writings based on the philosophy of Buddhism.

  • Shambhala Sacred Art Pictures Online
    Award-winning collection of sacred Hindu, Buddhist and Christian sacred art images

    But now, what about us taking charge of evolution? Consciously playing with evolution as if it were a canvas.

  • Homepage Marcel van Hees
    Spirituality and mysticism and other spiritual and normal links.

  • Global Evolution
    Personal reflections on global evolution with some interesting links

  • A New Millennium's Resolution
    This site proposes, as a new millennium's resolution, the adoption of a world pledge promoting social and environmental justice based on our

  • Chiasma Center: Exploring Non-Dogmatic Awareness
    A site dedicated to gently interrupting our present way of thinking and doing by offering a natural alternative based on "Chiasmic-Awarenes"

  • School of Gaian studies
    A Place to learn about yourself thru meditation, wicca, and shamanism

  • "Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways"
    This site is dedicated to offering vital information relative to Unfolding Pure Inner Consciousness

  • Holistic Living Awakened Living
    Discussions on living life meaningfully, interconnectedly, in-depth. Issues:parenting, growing,healing,teaching

  • Reality Creation
    It's not just actions that determine our reality, it's our thoughts and beliefs. This is a non-commercial site aimed at Seth / Jane Roberts

  • Tools for Practical Self Development
    Jim Lehrman's site offering spiritual and psychological tools for self development. Excerpts from Stephen Wolinsky's books.

  • Deoxy Hyperdimension
    Great site devoted to the exploration of altered states of consciousness. (Terence McKenna, Alan Watts..)

  • The Neural Surfer
    C. David Lane's site. Lots of discussion on Mind and spiritual paths

  • Phil Servedio's Journal of Awakening
    A regular guy with 2 decades of spiritual practice discusses his recent awakening.

  • Ebtex
    A lot of ideas by an intelligent thinker. This guy site is similar to yours Peter.

  • Ken Wilber Discussion Group
    Great little discussion board. Not necessarily discuss the works of Wilber but the main topics of his works: Enlightenment, spiritual, etc.

  • Zu Ein Kurs in Wundern - Birgits WUNDERseite
    A Course In Miracles-page in German language - it's time to go home to God's eternal love and peace. Eine ACIM-Seite auf deutsch.

  • Human Development Project - Modes of Awareness
    This must be the most comprehensive list of spiritual paths on or off the web. Over 15,000 practices and traditions indexed and cross referenced.

  • Ehi-passika
    This is an edited version of the Venerable Buddharakkhita's translation of The Dhammapada.

  • Endeavor Academy
    An intensive encounter with reality...dedicated to the imperative of naturally progressive return of man to his inherent Universal Mind.

  • Agape
    Where all friends are welcome

  • Tools for Transformation
    A new approach for optimal health of body, mind and spirit. The site contains extensive resources to assist with individual development

  • Ueber "Ein Kurs in Wundern"
    dedicated to A Course in miralcles - in German language

  • Urban Shaman's Home Page
    On personal growth and spiritual development, this site hosts the Voyager e-Journal, webBoard, chat and email discussion groups.

  • Earth Agape Stewards - A Bio KINdom
    The community of cells in our Human body offers insights in better global management.

  • Embracing the Contradiction - Links Page
    Host of links to many other spiritual sites - invaluable resource

  • Internet Arcano
    This site presents a recopilation of the materials edited by the Lucis Trust and its goal is establish a iluminated pubic opinion.

  • The Rocamora School
    Articles, interviews and other resources on awareness training, talent development.

  • Unlimited Thought Bookstore
    the "how to improve your life" bookstore -dedicated to the expansion of consciousness

  • One Earth Network
    Links to lists of links such as these

  • Awakening Technology
    Peter & Trudy Johnson-Lenz are truly pioneers in this field. They coined the term 'groupware' in 1978.

  • Connexions Unlimited WorldVision
    Spirit and business; free newzine, CHANGING COURSE, organization transformation

  • The New Science Network
    Merging Science with New Thought.

  • U.G. Krishnamurti
    Description & text of several books by U.G. Krishnamurti. I feel this fits well with your work.

  • Blavatsky Net
    Continuing research and verification of Theosophy.

  • Living Essence Foundation
    Hypnotherapy in the service of self realisation.

  • The Tao House
    A Conscious Community On-Line. Clearing the Way Through Spiritual Martial Arts

  • Essentia
    Dedicated to increasing awareness and personal well-being, and having fun!

  • Community Intelligence Labs
    An information-rich site of corporate shamans and evolutionary agents

  • Palm Springs Center Of Postive Living
    A self-directing, self-organizing community in both form and Spirit, experimenting in what's possible.

  • LinkLight
    A wonderful, and full, compendium of links to sites promoting spiritual awareness

  • Wizard's Apprentise
    Thought full insight, Weekly Wizard's Word to the Wise. Links to other Wizards (Peter Russel included).

  • FutrConect
    FutrConect - Connecting you to all the Websites of the Future -- Futurists, Future History, Future Math, Futures Studies, Millenium Access

  • World Wide Brain Club
    A club for anyone who wants to learn how to learn. MindMaps and memory techniques.

  • Alternative Culture Magazine
    Eclectic webzine dedicated to creative, balanced living. Organized by chakras. Includes review of White Hole in Time.

  • Yogananda
    Beautifully designed site on Yogananda and his organization

  • Earth Online
    Visualizing Earth

  • Gaia Alert
    A part of the Millennium Matters site concerned with the life and health of the planet. Winner of several site awards

  • ReAL
    Publication dedicated to supporting works of right livelihood, authenticity and vision.

  • Open Heart
    Love, healing and peace processes.

  • Tantra Tribe
    Good, broad based approach to tantra, full of good art

  • The Brain Boutique
    Tools for accelerating and expanding consciousness!

  • Church of All Worlds
    The official site of the Church of All Worlds, a Church dedicated to awakening Gaian consciousness.

  • Illuminations
    Louise Hauck offers a perspective that demonstrates the necessity to see beyond the illusion of time and death.

  • Affirmation Software Sculptor Introductory FREE offer!
    Together with the powerful techniques of affirmations have been combined subliminal messages, audio and visual triggers.

  • The Four Yogas Of Enlightenment
    Guide To Don Juan's Nagualism & Esoteric Buddhism

  • Ken Carey Books
    Many authors endorse this guys writings.

  • Osho international
    You know him :)

  • Botticelli's Home Page
    Something completely different. If Botticelli were alive today and on the web . . . By a talented web designer.

  • New and Alternative Theories of Physics
    These homepages bring a spark to the exploration of global consciousness via alternative and "new" viewpoints relative to physics, and to Life.

  • American Psychological Association
    Find out what all 40k psychologists are up to!

  • DreamLink
    A vehicle for the translations of dreams. Interested individuals mayjoin one of many groups that translate dreams.

  • Earth Portals
    A Journey into new metaphors of consciousness.

  • Mike Beaver's Hypnotherapy Home Page
    Big FAQ about hypnotherapy, ASCs, healing.

  • The Online Noetic Network
    We conduct interviews, both chat and email, and send out articles, essays, announcements, and creative works. This website is an online library.

  • NLP-Essentiel
    it's on using neuro-linguistic programming for the existential quest.

  • Journal of Consciousness Studies
    Dedicated to the multi-disciplinary study of consciousness
    and including the complete classified abstracts of the TUCSON

  • San Francisco Buddhist Center
    Comprehensive teachings in Buddhism, Taoism, and Tantra.
    Teaching available in English, Chinese...and more.

  • MindMan - and your ideas become visible
    MindMan is a Windows tool for creating Mind Maps.

  • Nerd-vana
    The most serious subjects require a light heart, and a light touch.
    The web has a cornocupia of spirit information and wisdom tools.

  • Tools For Exploration
    THE source for new technology to improve your life by enhancing energy, consciousness and health. Over 1,000 mind machines, tools, tapes, CDs, books and more.

  • 23rd Erisians of Mu Cabal(-ah)
    Discordian cabal, freedom of information.

  • A Global Awakening
    Non-commercial site offering insightful information on spirituality, personal growth, organizational transformation, and building a beloved community.

  • Interlude
    An Internet Retreat features a daily inspirational thought, a meditation of the week, links to consciousness raising sites, and more.

  • Charlie Tart's ftp collection
    An ever-growing collection of scientific papers on: Altered States of Consciousness, Parapsychology, Hypnosis, Transpersonal Psychology, Human Potential, Meditation, etc., by one of the pioneers in the field.

  • The Weaver
    An on-line web magazine focussing on spiritual issues, personal growth, etc. Top of the web charts in S. Africa !

  • Spirit over Mind over Matter
    Methods to increase intelligence and control pure states of awareness, consciousness and attention.

  • Resonate - Spiritual Guide
    A range of resources that support spiritual awakening, catalyze growth, and promote healing. Articles, a "chat" area, a spiritual practice area, and meditation schedule.

  • Council on Spiritual Practices
    CSP is committed to working through peaceful and lawful means to study the spiritual effects of "entheogens" - psychoactive plants used in a religious context - and is drawing up a code of ethics for such work.

  • Axiom
    Axiom presents lectures, workshops, and seminars by leading authors and teachers - Maui, Hawaii and national tours.

  • Sound Wave Energy
    Sound tapes with healing properties.

  • Unifying Fields Foundation
    "A home page for old souls and deep thinkers.
    A nonprofit transformational foundation running a glorious retreat center in the Colorado Rockies."

  • Vantage Quest: Tools for Creativity Enhancement & Personal Growth
    Enter Quest develops and enhances creativity, relaxation, and healing.
    Through research, workshops, books, and unique psychoacoustics that induce deep EEG states.