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Star Visions Conference

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Star Visions Conference

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard J. Boylan

Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, Associate Professor of Psychology at Chapman University, clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, researcher, and author of four books and numerous articles. He is a consultant to persons exploring personal growth and transformation issues, and ET and other anomalous experiences. His research investigations have included: human encounters with extraterrestrials, parapsychological/psychic experiences, life-stage growth factors, and societal implications of contact with cosmic cultures.

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November 7-11, 1996 Estes Park, Colorado

This is article is copyrighted 1996 by Dr. Richard Boylan -- Reprinted here by permission of the author.

A Note from the Author: "I am Dr. Richard Boylan, a behavioral scientist, researcher with experiencers of contact by the Star Nations, and speaker at the Star Visions Conference convened by Standing Elk in the Rockies November 7-11. I have just completed a written report on what the Native American Elders revealed at this conference, as well as what invited Anglo specialists shared. Mitakuye Oyasin, Richard Boylan, Ph.D. (Wakia Zitkala Nupa)

Worlds In Transition: Report on the Star Visions Conference

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D., CHT (c) 1996

A turbulent storm front was brewing over the Front Range of the Rockies towering behind Fort Collins, Colorado. It portended the powerful events which would soon be taking place at a high-altitude gathering starting that Thursday afternoon. A luminous, energized transition layer stretched between the dark cumulus and the peaks below, and glowered with latent diffuse high voltage. As the conference-goers approached the site of the Star Visions Conference at the 8000-foot snow line, a ferocious gale was howling. The wind-chill factor reached. zero. Braving this test by Spirit of their dedication, speakers and attendees assembled in the cavernous auditorium of the Estes Park Center to witness opening prayer and ceremony by Conference convener, Lakota spiritual leader Standing Elk.

The middle-aged Sioux Star Altar Keeper with long, jet-black hair and attired in a sports jacket and fresh jeans, first smudged the auditorium with cedar smoke. Then he brought out a Dakota ceremonial pipe and invoked the spirits of the Four Directions, Tunkashila (Grandfather Sky) and Unce Maka (Grand- mother Earth). The auditorium was hushed as the participants realized the truth of the opening statement that the Star Nations (extraterrestrials) were invisibly present there, too. A strong sense of power, of instant family connection, and of history in the making pervaded the hall where, from November 7-11, participants would witness direct communication from extraterrestrials, formal declaration of Earth's transition to a new society, the laying out of the Star principles by which that society will operate, and a sudden test of everyone present's willingness to utilize paranormal power to serve others.

Because of this report's space limitations, because some Conference presentations were scheduled simultaneously, and because the author was at times involved in working with ET- encounter experiencers, with healings and in participating in adjunct Native American prayer ceremonies, not all speakers or events are recorded here. The report which follows is a synthesis of a representative sample of the presentations and special events which occurred during this outstanding gathering. The author apologizes to those presenters whose messages did not find their way into this summary.

The conference convener, Standing Elk, began with a presentation of the interpretation of Star Nations (extraterrestrial) symbols found amid the wreckage of the Roswell/Corona UFO. He explained how he and other native helpers gained knowledge of the meaning of eleven of the "Roswell" symbols, plus an additional ancient Lakota symbol derived from the Star People. During inipi (sweat lodge) ceremonies, extraterrestrials would enter the lodge and provide interpretations. Each of the eleven ET symbols has a meaning as a Universal Law (natural principle accepted across galaxies). When rotated a quarter-revolution, each symbol also signifies a corresponding Spiritual Law, likewise applicable universally. One by one, the Lakota Elder elucidated the 23 symbols: the Universal Law of Free Will/Spiritual Freedom of Humanity, the Seasons of the Earth/Growth Stages of Humans, the Spirit enlivening All Creatures/Path of Health and Happiness, the Law of Innocence and Truth/Spiritual Protection Responsibility, Human Separation from Creatures/Spiritual Equality of Life Forms, the Creator-Human Connection/ Choice of Power-Over or Being a Human Being, Law of Light, Sound and Vibration/Spiritual-Psychic Gifts, Law of Judgment/Law of Karma, Law of Nature/Law of Protection through Directness, the Joyful Essence of Life/the Doctoring Force, Law of Natural Perception /Law of Spiritual Perception, and finally the Universal Laws of Family Relationships. [Additional details about these laws may be found in Standing Elk, "Spiritual Interpretation of Star Nation Symbols", Contact Forum, 4:5, Sept.-Oct., 1996; POB 2875, Rapid City, SD 57709.]

The next speaker, Pathfinder, follower of the Red Road (Native American ways), pointed out a connection between the reported recent increase in the Schumann frequency (Earth's natural rate of vibration) and the broad meta- physical awakening among humanity, with a corresponding increased human vibratory rate. He said that the Grandmothers (spirits) have come and said that it is time to wake up to the Star Visitors. He noted that humans even have an opportunity to help teach certain low-emotional extraterrestrials about love.

Lecturer Barbara Marciniak spoke of her eight years of dealing with contacts from beings from the Pleiades star system. She emphasized the point that each person must use discernment in dealing with anyone, even an Avatar (religious master) or an extraterrestrial. In the end, she noted, we must operate within our own integrity and responsibility.

Eagle Man (Ed MaGaa), longtime American Indian Movement activist and author, recounted the history of the reemergence in the 1950s of Native American ceremonies long outlawed by the White government. Braving arrests by government agents and ridicule by "Americanized" Indians, Native American spiritual leaders like Bill Eagle Feather, Fools Crow, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Wallace Black Elk, Rod Shenandoah and Eagle Man restored the Indian spiritual and ceremonial life which now sustains so many Native (and non-Native) peoples. Eagle Man noted that 'the Creator is kind", and that "the Sioux don't have the Devil", (a missionaries' fiction). "There are many spirits who come into our ceremonies," such as the Yuwipi, "and make predictions." He observed that the spirits know outer space. "Great Spirit made everything for a purpose. With all the zillions of stars, there has to be extraterrestrial life out there." MaGaa noted that we have a home in the Spirit World. He added that "some extraterrestrial societies are millions of years old. Indians hope that outer space people will come and give us a teaching."

Lakota spiritual leader Floyd Hand, epitome of the wise old shaman, captivated the auditorium with his revelations about Native American information from the Star People. At age twelve, he had his first encounter with an extraterrestrial who was eight feet tall, and had an oval head, dark eyes, a small mouth and gills.

Hand expanded on the message he had given at the previous Star Knowledge Conference, that "the Avatars [world religious leaders such as Zoroaster, Lao-Tse, Moses, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed] are Star People." He said that Jesus came down to end war and bring peace. The commandments are discipline, compassion and respect. A Grandfather (spirit) told him that there are Avatars beyond the Moon, and that the Sioux are going to go there.

In 1954 Floyd knew that White Buffalo Calf Woman was coming back. In 1988 he had a vision of a woman with long hair who was wearing a shimmering rainbow dress. She told him that she is coming, and then my father will take my place." She told him she would also come for the "creators" (technology- obsessed Euro-Americans). The Lakota Elder noted that the Indians have a spiritual lady, who in Meso-America is known as the Lady of Guadalupe.

Among the Pueblo Indians she is Corn Mother; and the Plains Indians know her as White Buffalo Calf Woman (the Star Person who originally gave the Sioux their star history, their spiritual teachings and ceremonies and their healing practices). The Elder added, "In North America the grandmother-mother- daughter is the model of our land [Grandmother Earth/ Gaia]."

Long ago White Buffalo Calf Woman gave the Sioux prophecies about the End Times, signaled by among other things the birth of a white buffalo calf whose hair subsequently turns the remaining colors of the four nations (Earth races): red, yellow, white, and black. Noting that this has recently happened in Minnesota, the Lakota Elder relayed the six prophecies. A woman will return to the Island of the East (Japan). There will be major disasters, "tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and forest fires, because we kill the animals". He said there will be a great famine from 1997 to 1999, and to start putting away food.

Around the turn of the century there will be a new government. "There will be lots of wars; evil will destroy evil." And there will be an ending on the twenty-first day of the twenty-first month of the 21st century.

Barbara Lamb, M.A., licensed family counselor and specialist in counseling experiencers, told that many people's encounters are not physical but astral-traveling, often to ET places of learning. One experiencer learned how to steer a UFO through using telepathic focused effort. She noted that some ETs have been described as amorphous, huge, semi-transparent undulant beings, who bathed the experiencer in love and knowledge of everything.

Social worker Angela Brown-Miller, Ph.D. related that Peruvian shamans had told her to have people visualize a seven-ray rainbow to protect the Earth, and to create a portal for the Earth to move to a higher vibrational level. She spoke of the intense interest in the StarVision Conference among peoples in Japan, Cam-bodia, Bosnia and elsewhere.

Esoteric traditions expert Drunvalo Melchi- zadek began his presentation by repeating the prophecies of the Hopi and Sioux peoples that we are now in the time of transition from the Fourth (current) World to a Fifth World (total societal/global renovation). Melchizedek stated that in the previous Third World [which some say was Atlantis], the world became polluted. The humans alive then chose to deal with the problem by separation, leaving behind the polluted regions and taking the better parts of their culture to a fresh Fourth World. Now we find the world polluted, and again risk making the separation decision. He suggested that we accept that Spirit is in everything, and find a way to unify and heal our world, or else we'll repeat the old cycle.

Melchizedek expounded on the growing erraticness of Earth's magnetic poles, which have been becoming dramatically erratic. He noted that new magnetic maps are being issued showing deviations from standard readings of up to 19 degrees. In June of this year, the South Magnetic Pole moved a thousand miles from its standard site. For a day or two the South Magnetic Pole was located near Los Angeles, then shifted back to Antarctica. Several volcanoes in Antarctica have erupted melting some of the miles-thick ice cap. A giant piece of ice the size of Rhode Island has broken off the Southern Ice Cap and is adrift. He reported that the governments of the world have shut down the South Pole to visits, and that some personnel stationed at the South Pole have gone berserk, exhibiting violent behavior. Melchisedek noted that there are magnetic particles in our brain cells and in the sheath over the brain. Similar magnetic components in the brains of migratory birds help them navigate using the Earth's magnetic lines. He notes that the birds are being misdirected by these magnetic shifts.

Continuing his Earth Changes theme, Melchi- sedek observed that the Earth's Schumann Frequency (natural vibratory rate) of 7.8 Hz (cycles per second) has historically been so constant that the military used it to calibrate their instruments. Over the past couple of years it has suddenly began increasing. He noted that in October it had risen to 9 Hz, and that at the current date (November 9) it was up to 11.2 Hz! He related this new increased fre- quency to the corresponding alert-state brain wave frequency in humans, and suggested that Gaia (Mother Earth) was waking up.

British-born remote viewer and experiencer Angela Thompson described how, while at Princeton, she was recruited by PSI-Tech, a group of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officers now operating a civilian psychic intelligence organization, Intuition Services Incorporated (ISI). While working for ISI, she was given the assignment of remote-viewing the Tunguska cataclysm in Siberia. More recently, after leaving ISI, she drew upon NASA scientist Dr. Norman Bergrun's revelations of several thousand miles-long UFOs in orbit around Saturn. Thompson psychically viewed mining operations being conducted by the huge craft, and saw the mining tailings being redistributed into Saturn's rings.

Thompson reported remote-viewing the extra- terrestrials, who told her to set up a virtual (out-of-body/astral travel) meeting place. She also psychically scanned the Nevada Test Range's Area 51 and saw strange craft. She saw no live ETs there, but sensed that they had been there earlier. She picked up an historical impression of one sad Grey extraterrestrial waiting underground. When Thompson remote-viewed the future, she saw technology in place to clean up the environment, including devices to replace depleted atmospheric ozone. She revealed that in 2030 our atmosphere deteriorates rapidly, and there is a human exodus to the equatorial and Mediterranean regions. There humans remained fifty years, but starting around 2070 the atmosphere clears enough for people to return where they migrated from.

When she remote-viewed Manhattan, she saw an immense earthquake which split the island in  half right through Central Park, creating two islands. This will happen within twenty years. Thompson stated that former DIA remote- viewer Joseph McMonagle and a half-dozen other Remote Viewers have foreseen the same event.

Channeler Daryl Anka spoke of having had a spontaneous memory recall to a period before he was incarnated into this life time, when he agreed with the extraterrestrial Bashar and his friends to serve as a communications intermediary on Earth. Anka then transitioned to channeling state. Bashar started his statements by observing that "many are exploring the extraterrestrial phenomenon, but more importantly are exploring [their] essential spirituality and consciousness." Bashar stated, "We wish to interact as equals. When we function as reflections of the Infinite, we change the frequency of reality, and create one more likely for beings who operate at a higher level to make contact." The channeled extraterrestrial also added, "We love you unconditionally," and urged humans to abandon their fear-based belief system, which "is not in alignment with your true core identity."

Rod Shenandoah, Blackfoot spiritual teacher, former NASA contract engineer and ET experiencer, spoke of the world transition which has begun. "We need to take the positive from the Fourth World and set aside the negative as we enter the Fifth World, and start all over again." There we will need to give our children the essence of the truth. He cited an Indian prophecy which stated, "We will have to go into the mountains and survive a while, then come out later and build on the burnt remains." He questioned why people are waiting for word of the ETs' coming, "when we're getting that word now." He spoke lovingly of the Earth as sacred. "This Mother Earth is the last oasis; there is no more. This is a sacred doorway to the universe beyond."

The Blackfoot Elder described having been taken aboard UFOs several times, including one during a hanblechia (Vision Quest), when a sixty-foot-wide UFO descended overhead, and a blue energy light surrounded him and drew him up to the craft. As an engineer, he was shown around the ship by some shorter Reticulans (Greys) and two tall extra- terrestrials.  Shenandoah revealed that his origin is from the planet Akthul in the Pleiades star system thirty light years away. He came into human form to let us know that we were given a task. Then the Blackfoot Elder blew a ceremonial whistle four times, and declared that "all the powers are at our disposal." He noted that some humans here now "will never know Grandfather [the Great Spirit]." He said that "some are here for the Bloodbath, an Armageddon; but we are the Gardeners [Earth's caretakers]."

In tongue-in-cheek fashion, he described the differences of those humans who operate in high spiritual and consciousness awareness as "weird". Returning to seriousness he immediately added, "Our 'weirdness' is our sacredness. Such are different from those here for the Bloodbath." Our "weaponry" is our ability to effect healings, whether we are totally healed ourselves first. "We are each others' healing medicine." The Elder added, "We have to be 'warriors', hunters looking for flowers. If successful, we will bring Mother Earth back."

Hada, a Sun Dancer, former assistant professor at the University of California, and Crestone, Colorado concept artist, made a presentation on his daring visionary project to create a special zone in the Arctic's Aleutian Islands chain between Russia's Big Diomede and the U.S.A.'s Little Diomede Islands. In the four kilometers separating East from West will be created a World Site free of territorial claims and time zone designation. On this site a 144-meters high pylon will stand, and at its tip will be a golden discus etched like a lotus blossom, with 1000 petals, each bearing one of the names which various peoples call Mother Earth. This free-zone pylon is to represent world peace, the basic unity of all peoples as one humanity and their unity with our Earth Mother, and is to serve as a symbolic beacon and invitation for the peoples from the stars to descend and for the peoples of the Earth to ascend towards our joint cosmic destiny. Hada is preparing to travel to the leaders of the world's indigenous peoples, world governmental heads, and religious leaders to gain endorsement and support for this emblem of the Fifth World's new ethos.

Behavioral scientist, extraterrestrial- encount- ers researcher, university lecturer and clinical hypnotherapist Richard Boylan, Ph.D. made a presentation, in which he outlined fourteen recent disclosures and developments since January, which he said clearly point to public disclosure of UFO/ET reality in 1997. Furthermore, Dr. Boylan declared that there will be a semi-public Landing of ET emissaries in 1997. The first event, in January, was the disclosure by ex-NASA scientist Norman Bergrun, Ph.D. that NASA's Voyager space probes photographed huge elliptical UFOs in Saturn's rings, sightings confirmed by more recent Hubble Space Telescope photographs. Next Boylan cited the January wire service reports of CIA revelations that intelligence agencies used psychics (remote viewers). In February, Emory University Professor Courtney Brown revealed that he was trained in classified remote viewing techniques by DIA Major Ed Dames, and learned that military intelligence groups had been gaining considerable information about extraterrestrials through remote viewing. Then Dr. Boylan cited revelations by former Acting Surgeon-General of Finland, Rauni Kilde, M.D. that "we go to the Moon all the time since 1972" and that European astronauts told of secret space launchings semi-weekly.

Moving to April and May, Boylan recounted that Apollo astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper had given television interviews stating that extraterrestrials are real, present on Earth, that the government has some of their technology and has talked to some of them, and that there is a government cover-up of UFOs. Dr. Boylan also revealed information leaked from a CIA intermediary that the government expects an ET Landing in 1997. While distancing himself from that CIA leak, Boylan stated that information from extraterrestrial conversations with human experiencers, from multiple citizen psychics, and from former military officers all converge on 1997 as the year of an ET Landing. He also noted the mid-year release of correspondence from the White House office of President Clinton's Science Advisor, Dr. John Gibbons, documenting that a clandestine, unauthorized and out-of-control group has been conducting mind-control experiments by misusing National Security secrecy originally authorized for the UFO Cover-Up.

Dr. Boylan cited the recent jump in the public's acceptance of UFOs. In June 48% of Americans believed in UFOs, but after the NASA August announcement about evidence of life on Mars, the percentage rose to a majority (53%). He categorized the August 7th NASA announcement, and its endorsement by President Clinton and former scientist- skeptic Carl Sagan, as Day One of the official admission by the U.S. government that there is extraterrestrial life. Also reported by Boylan was a private revelation by  a high-level military officer that they had made a breakthrough in anti-matter technology in March, which allows the military to fly out into space without using rockets. Boylan then recounted current efforts by government officials to work through the National Science Foundation to spread the word to American scientists that UFOs and extraterrestrials are now legitimate topics for scientific discussion. He next cited a November 8th network television interview with a physicist and former Naval Intelligence officer, who revealed that he had been aboard a UFO, studied its propulsion system, and that this analysis was done at S-4, a secret installation in Nevada.

Dr. Boylan interpreted intricate crop circles appearing in England this Summer as extraterrestrial communications. He also pointed out a current UFO campaign since mid-year of flying over the capitals of nation after nation, and wondered when it would be Washington, DC's turn. His final reported development was new information that the extraterrestrials have designated an inter- national, multi-racial Contact Team of thirteen humans, whose role will be to meet with space emissaries who will be lore next Summer, and receive messages to pass on. The Team reportedly will be informed at the last moment as to when and where to assemble at a landing site somewhere in the American Southwest.

After numerous speakers had spoken about our imminent transition from the current Fourth World to a new Fifth World, on November 9th this transition became a reality..

That evening the Conference ceremonial leadership switched from males to the women, led by Megan (Oneida-Metis) and assisted by Scout Cloud Lee, Ed.D., medicine worker. The evening started with a ceremony honoring the thirteen oldest grandmothers in attendance. While those grandmothers sat on the stage in a circle representing Maka Unce, our Earth Mother, a children's group sang a Winter Bear song of stillness (hibernation), honoring the final season of life. Down on the auditorium floor, four Native American elder men stood ceremonially slightly apart, representing some balancing male presence. A Cherokee grand- mother recited the prophecy of Crazy Horse about these very times as the Old Age (Fourth World) closes. After a series of moving prayers and ritual declarations, the grand- mother leaders made a startling official ceremonial declaration that the old era (Fourth World) was ended, and that the new age (Fifth World) was being born! Suddenly wild cheering erupted. A tumultuous celebration broke out all over the auditorium, with women and men spontaneously grabbing instruments, beginning drumming, and starting an ecstatic rhythmic clapping. The joyous explosion lasted over half an hour.

After the attendees were finally called to order, the grandmothers explained that this new Fifth World would be hallmarked by the attributes of positive feminine energy. They said the Fourth World, which had been hallmarked by male energy dominance, indeed had its time, made its contributions, and now that world was passing away. The grandmothers pointed out that the Fifth World must not be one of separatist female dominance, but rather of forming a renewed society of woman and men as equals, a society shaped by the feminine paths of cooperation, non-aggression, inclusiveness, non-competitiveness, service rather than dominance, use of psychic and spiritual gifts as well as technology, and harmonizing with nature's ways. Participants felt that an historical doorway had been opened.

Astoundingly, the next morning a major Colorado newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News carried the story that, the previous night, "a bold group" at Estes Park Center (the Star Vision Conference) had "declared an end to the current era and the beginning of a Fifth Dimension reality." Word of the birth of the Fifth World was beginning to spread out to the wider world.

The next morning's speaker, Galen Drapeau (Dakota), provided a sobering reminder that the Fourth World has not yet completed its passing. The Sioux Elder told that he had received a message from Spirit that all nations have to be healed, even the extraterrestrials. He declared his intention to open up Native American healing circles to the Star Nations, "because some of them have problems with feelings." Galen told of a Star Elder (ET) coming into his sweat lodge and telling of his dead planet. The ET said to tell humans to take care of our planet, or else it will end up like this ET's dead planet. Galen declared, "Stop cutting down forests, let weeds grow, let farmers let their fields go fallow." On a more hopeful note, he added that Mother Earth is clearing up the ozone hole because she is a living being.

Marilyn Carlson, Seattle clinical hypnotherapist, and channel for a male extraterrestrial she nicknamed "Yellow Hand", gave the final presentation of the Star Visions Conference. Yellow Hand's message gave pointed perspective to those attending that the transition to the new society is beset with many pitfalls. Here are excerpts from the ET's remarks. "You are of love. But there are those who feel they would like to choose sides. Some here would lead you in the direction of home to the Creator. There will be those who disguise themselves as speakers of the truth, but are not. They come and listen to you to try to sound like they are of the Light. We will speak of discernment. Discernment does not mean to judge those who would lead you astray. Instead, you bless them, thank them, say "Let me take that under advisement." Then leave them to go about what they think of as their work. Just don't accept it. If the message does not come with the heart of love, it may not be of the truth." The extraterrestrial went on to say, "Your ascension will come from within. If you do not love yourself, you are separating yourself from the Creator." Yellow Hand also declared, "The purpose of this conference is to awaken others to a higher vibration. A portal is opening, because of alignments, so that Mother Earth can ascend as well. She is awakening."

This author would offer two observations here as an afterward to this breathtaking conference. The day after the ceremony took place which closed the Fourth and ushered in the Fifth World, a woman in the audience suddenly had an attack of severe coronary symptoms. Instantly the speaker stopped, and everyone in the auditorium turned and decided to direct spiritual or psychic healing energy toward the stricken woman. Several attendees next to the patient placed their hands next to her and focused such enormous healing energy on her, that many in the audience could see a spectacular luminescent auric glow around both the patient and those laying on healing hands. The woman's breathing and heart rate were successfully stabilized during the twenty minutes it took ambulance medics to arrive, and she survived. Afterwards I got the flash insight that we attendees had just gotten our first test in the Fifth World we had just declared opened, and that we had passed the test with flying colors.

The second major insight I derived from the Star Visions Conference concerned the Universal and Spiritual Laws of the Universe, interpreted from Star Nations' symbols by Standing Elk and others. It occurred to me that these intuitively valid natural guidelines, recognized across the cosmos, will be replacing the Ten Commandments as the Principles of Living for the Fifth World to which we are now giving birth. What better basis upon which to meet the soon-visiting cosmic civilizations than by participating in a shared culture of observing these simple yet advanced metaphysical and spiritual principles. May Spirit help make it so..

Author information: Richard Boylan, Ph.D., CHT,. 2826 "O" Street, Suite #2, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA. (916) 455-0120. E-mail: rich.boylan@24stex.com

Footnote: Audio and videotapes of every presenter at the Star Visions Conference were made. Those interested can obtain any from Backcountry Productions; (303) 772-8358.


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