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Kaballah vs. Caballah: Sex, Satanism and Saucers

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Aliens? or the "Ant People" who cared for the Hopi? Native Americans believe there is "duality" -- good and bad -- in everything, and that would have to include aliens. The Hopi and Pueblo say the "Ant People" fed and cared for their people while they were living underground,

between the 3rd and 4th (our) world, before they reemerged into the "upper world" at Sipapu, which is in the American Southwest.
Are the "Ant
People" back
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Sex, Satanism and Saucers

When a comet comes and hits the earth or makes it shift it's axis will it be
followed by UFO's? Or, will be some sort of deception so great the world
will believe the big lie? The secret may lie in some Ancient Writings most
people do not know about in the Zohar!

Most people are mistaking the Masonic -New Age- Kabbalah in book stores for
the real Cabbalah written by Soncino Press, N.Y., N.Y. ( The only place to
get it via U.S.mail!)The fake Kabbalah is written by some black magic guru
from India. It is a set of 5 books (blue) with a flame on the front called
the Zohar.

The New World Order or Coptic Order Kabbalah is new- written this decade..
The real one is Ancient. The new one is witchcraft and black magic. The
Ancient one is basically based on the Torah or first 5 books of the Bible's Old Testament-"Good versus Evil". It states to stay away from Satanic activity. Now the new one from New Age book stores tells you to "get into the wicca and black
magic ,etc. and "cast spells against they enemy".

The real Cabbalah ( Zohar) is has more of an extremely technical explanation
of different spirit realms and spiritual entities-some on the "good side"
and some on the "bad side". It shows the methods that they use. Sexual
masturbation and perversion- which includes homosexuality- is provoked ,
manipulated and used by the "evil ones" for their draining of our spiritual
energies. Does this remind you of the UFO abductee scenario? This book was
written a long time before the UFO craze.

You will see that the UFO hype by our media is an intentional diversion by
the Masonic Federal government in collusion with Witchcraft Hollywood .We
have become a nation of demons -Babylon The Great! In Revelations 18:23 " By
your magic spell the world was led astray..... the blood of prophets...and
all those killed on earth.." Babylon is the biggest IMPORT nation-as we are
today. It rules over the leaders of the world -as the U.S. does- with the
U.N. building in N.Y. The Harlot with her cup- of- fire in the Harbor
"surrounded by many waters" matches the Ancient scriptures also. She has
many types of people and languages like the U.S. and no other nation fits
the bill. Rev.:18:10 " In one hour she met her doom...the merchants of the
earth mourned over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore". The U.S.
will be snuffed out and burned with fire in a secret nuke attack.Rev:18:8 "
She will be consumed with fire".Revelations 18:2 "She has become the haunt
of demons and every evil spirit".Rev.: 18:4 " Come out of her my people so
you will not share in the plague that will be put on her" (NUCLEAR FIRST
STRIKE! Our President even put that into a treaty with Russia and China 2
years ago.)

When reading the Zohar or Cabbalah- the real one not the fake one in New
Age stores- you will see that the UFO mystery is no mystery at all. And we
are repeating history once again as in Genesis 6:1 !!!!!!( Note: This is
type "A" UFO -it is etheric. The "Esoterics" of NASA / NSA have obtained
their data to make manmade UFO's via the "Round Table" channeling seance
mixed with some secret methods. Thus, Type "B" UFO was created through
"forward engineering" -not "reverse engineering"!

That is why it takes days or weeks to find a crashed airplane but the
military Black Operations is right on top of a crashed saucer in a few
minutes.The New World Order tried to form twice this century already but the
honeymoon ended in two world wars. International Occult-Science groups
worked together -like at Montauk. They secretly had hidden agendas like
Germany cutting and running with the "cookie-jar" which was the real cause
of World War Two.( I personally knew an old WW2 General that was there when
wingless craft were found at a top secret underground factory in
Germany -after Hitler committed suicide. )

In mind control these different versions of manmade hovercraft can appear
invisible and bombard your house with microwave E.L.F. On the other
hand -their MASTERS- type "A" UFO use the "etheric -waves" as in demonic
influence for mind control. Type "A" harrassment can be eliminated by honest
prayer, fasting, obedience to the Holy One, etc.

But , type "B" harrassment must be eliminated by shielding and grounding
out -or deflecting- the microwave carrier that the E.L.F. rides on. (The
same goes for these so-called "non-lethal weapons"- just totally shield and
ground it out.

I am suspicious of anybody that tries to tell you different. Look at your
microwave oven door. There is nothing there but a screen you can look
through. If you were to put your hand in there for 15 seconds or more you
will loose it to amputation at the hospital next !) So shielding works ! Do
not let some lying intelligence agent tell you any differently.

The Kabbalah has many passages that explain the relationship of sex to Satan
and saucers. That is why the UFO cults give great reference to the Nazi
German scientist Wilhelm Reich , Satanist Aliester Crowley, Ron L. Hubbard
father of Scientology and the other ex-Nazis that created NASA and Jet
Propulsion Laboratories. These same men did experiments together prior to
the war and afterward- complements of Project Paperclip and Henry
Kissinger.At Montauk Island , New York , with electronics they pulled other
monstrous entities into this dimension. In the western desert states they
pulled in UFO's out of the other dimensions by sexual magic and weird
electro-alchemic gadgets of their day.

After reading writings by these sex- mad satanic-Masonic- scientologists ,
can not help wondering if some of these missing children are going into some
underground "hell-hole"sexually raped and cut open alive in sacrifice to
their God -Satan or Lucifer for more "technology transfers". My gut feeling
says that I am right! This Cosmic Conquest for power and new knowledge is
as old as Genesis of the Bible. It was the religion of the Mayan, Aztecs,
Hawaii Islands , Egypt , Babylon , Israel and around the world at some point
in their histories. Gross human executions by cutting their hearts out and
showing it to the victim before they died , castration, beheadedment and

Now today our so-called civilized societies are sliding into a united
Luciferian cause for the sake of Nature once again- a perverted, silent form
of human slaughter by high-tech means for the god of the Masonic Ancient
Mysteries! That is why on our military bases the offices of the NSA,NASA,
EPA, and Project Harmony -KGB,CIA with Gurka Mercenaries,etc.- are all next
door to each other on the same block. One big happy family - a Luciferian La
Costa Nostra ! And your children will be the victims too-America !

This is what Project Falling Star -that I was on -was all about ! (And ,I
have many hours of film footage to prove it !) W.D. Ross Sept.4, 2000
Copyright Reserved

There are many more and better examples of all of this in the 5 Ancient
Books of the Zohar.
KABBALAH - CABBALAH -ZOHAR reads as follows
Page 169, Book One of the :The evil serpent causes death to descend as the
spirit tries to cling to the Tree Of Life. This is because men in all their
wickedness had learnt all kinds of enchantments and majic and clung to
worldly knowledge. Thus the separation began from man and God............
God fixed the Cherubin in the place who closed the path to Paradise....the
flame of a sword which turned in every way ...those beings ever in readiness
to chastise the world and who take all manner of shapes being sometimes male
,sometimes female,sometimes flaming fire....sometimes terrible
winds....punitive spirits who heap fire on the wicked.. that assume so many
various forms are charged to maltreat and harry in this world of sinners who
deliberately transgress the precepts of their master. For when a man sins he
draws toward himself a number of evil spirits and emissaries of
punishment.....a man should be on guard of all 4 sides against people that
are not cleansed because their unclean spirits will pass on to you...they
are from the evil serpent who has defiled the world....when the evil serpent
injected his impurity into Eve, she absorbed it, so when Adam had
intercourse with her she had two sons ..Abel had a resemblance to the higher
form of spirit and Cain had a (Pg.173, BK.One)resemblance to the lower form
(the Evil One)...Cain and the Angel of Death...plotted to kill his
brother... caused by demons and goblins and evil spirits.......two female
spirits then used to come and have intercourse with him and he bore from
them spirits of the Angel of Death that now multiplied and circle the
earth...when a man dreams in his sleep ,female spirits often come and
disport with him, and so conceive from him giving birth and the creatures
thus produced are called plagues of mankind ; they appear always under the
form of human beings, BUT THEY HAVE NO HAIR ON THEIR HEADS.( Pg.175,Bk.One)

In the same way male spirits visit visit women and make them pregnant so
that they may bring forth spirits.... other sons were not endowed with a
full human form because of the attachment of the serpents spirits.
This Naamah was the mother of demons and from her originate all those evil
spirits which mix with and arouse them concupiscence, which leads them to

(Pg.186, Bk.One) The Nephilum were in the earth...God deprived of their
eternal supernal sanctity... they were the class of spirits referred to in
the words " BIRDS WHICH FLY ON THE EARTH" and these appear unto men in the
form of human beings...they transform themselves into all kinds of shapes.
They are those that rebelled in heaven and were cast down to earth by God
,with their Master the Evil one, and became corporeal on the earth and
REMAINED ON IT, not being able to divest themselves of their earthly form.
Subsequently they went astray after women and mated with them , and UP TO THIS DAY THEY EXIST AND TEACH MEN THE ARTS OF .MAGIC . They begat childrenwhom they called Anakim -or GIANTS-, while the Nephilum themselves were called "SONS OF GOD" that were of the lesser density of pure spirit becausethey had "fallen from heaven and grace" thus breeding a more dense offspring "the giants" - Anakim-destroyed in the

Copyright; William Dean Ross AKA "POINTMAN" AKA "CONDOR Sept.4, 2000

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NOTE: The Air Force's most recent explanation of "The Roswell Crash" is available from the Government Printing Office for $18 (US) and $22.50 (non-US) at: GPO

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