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End of Aztec Calendar

also see May 5, 2000 Grand Planetary Alignment, Solar Eclipse August 11,1999 and Planetary Activation Ritual

There is an excellent book out on the end of the Aztec Calendar (August 13, 1999) It's entitled "Day of Destiny," by John Mini. I e-mailed Art Bell and suggested he interview John. I also talked to Jennifer Drumm who is associated with John Mini and she said that it has been talked about, but it just hasn't happened yet and she thinks that if others emailed it might help. The following is from the back cover of the book:

August 13, 1999 was forecast by the Aztecs to be a profound turning point in human history. Why were Aztec culture and spiritual practice highly focused on this date, which for them was hundreds of years in the future? As you read Day of Destiny you will discover:

*Why August 13, 1999 could be a pivotal day in human history.

*How the Aztec Sun Calendar directly relates to physics, geometry, astronomy and physiology.

*How to heal the psychological trauma created by the inquistion of the Middle Ages, which still haunts us today.

*Over 500 illustrations to guide you on an adventure into the rich and fascinating world of the Aztecs.

*Simple and powerful exercises to help create a sense of honor, meaning, purpose, health and vitality in your life.

*How to get in touch with your indigenous nature, which allows you to see, hear and fell in extraordinary ways, giving you heightened awareness and consciousness.

*The Aztec Sun Calendar is a fascinating puzzle that is assembled piece by piece throughout the course of this book. It reveals profound insights into the interconnectedness of our universe, and the vital importance of August 13, 1999.

The Aztecs and the Eagle

Originating North of the Colorado River, the Peoples who were to become the Aztec leaders began a southward migration as six traveling tribes. They were searching for the prophesised appearance of an eagle with a Snake in its mouth, sitting on top of a Nopal cactus. These pilgrims wandered in what is now northern Mexico, arriving at Zumpango in the central Valley of Mexico in 1216.

The exisiting ruler there, Tochpanecatl, invited the wanderers to present a wife to his son, Ilhuicatle, and this marriage, combined with the sighting of the foretold Eagle, began the Aztec Empire's rule over Mexico.

A transcription of the legendary communication between their god and these earliest Aztecs follows : " Verily I shall lead you where you must go. I shall appear as a white eagle; and wherever you go, you shall go singing. You shall go only where you see me, and when you come to a place where is shall seem good to me good that you stay, there I shall alight, and you shall see me there. Therefore in that place you shall build my temple, my house, my bed of grasses - where I have come to rest, poised and ready for flight. And in that place the people shall make their home and their dwelling. Your first task shall be to beautify the quality of the eagle, the quality of the tiger, the Holy War, the arrow and the shield. You shall eat what you have need of. "

In this transcription of the early Aztec prophecy, the eagle is representing an animal incarnation of the people's God, Hiutzilopochtli, the sun. It is he who instructs them to become fierce warriors who create tremendous material wealth for themselves, leading to the conquest of all surrounding native peoples. So strongly did the Aztecs believe in their mythologies and gods, that when the Spanish conquistador Cortez appeared on their shore several hundred years later, they believed him to be a prophesized return of a god and were easily overtaken by a small band of Cortez's men, thus ending the Aztec empire.

The transcription recounted above was recorded by Mexican anthropologist Alfonso Caso, and gathered from Mythology of the Americas, by Burland, Nicholson, Osborne; published by Hamlyn 1970, pg. 259.



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"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." Amos 3:7

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