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Micmac Indian Nation Message to the UN

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Aliens?or the"Ant People" who cared forthe Hopi? NativeAmericans believe there is"duality" -- good and bad -- ineverything, and thatwould havetoinclude aliens. The Hopi and Pueblo say the"AntPeople" fed and cared for their peoplewhile they were livingunderground,

between the3rd and 4th (our) world, before they reemerged into the "upperworld" at Sipapu, which is in the American Southwest.

Are the "Ant
to help us...

Saudi Arabian authorities recently bannedthis website
because of theiraccurate earthquake predictions.
Learn about who "they" are, whatthe U.S.Gov't is hiding, the coming pole shift, in 2003, how toprepare,advice forshelter safefrom thecoming flooding, homes, gardening, self-reliance,meet others,information, etc.

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Micmac Indian Nation Message to the UN

"All the prophecies from the other nations now
coincide and complement each other...

by David Gehue, Spiritual Councilor, Miqmac Nation

From the Eastern Door we are in the final stages of the shaking of the earth, when the Great Spirit takes the earth in both hands and shakes it violently. Just this year (June, 1993) the opening of the eastern door took place in Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada, the furthest eastern point in North America. The circle of the Medicine Wheel is now complete. The Wabanaki People (People of the Light) have joined the circle. We have joined under the following philosophy: "Heal you the self -- you help to heal the family, the family helps to heal the community, the community helps to heal the nation, the nations help to heal the world."

All the prophecies from the other nations now coincide and complement each other. It is time for us all to stop blaming one another, heal from our wounds, and move forward -- for the survival of the world as we know it is in our hands.

We must seek out and absorb the wisdom of our elders and use it for the betterment of others. The Great Spirit left a clear and legible path in eastern North American with petroglyphs and natural monuments. This knowledge is kept under guard by our elders and only entrusted to those native people who abide by the natural laws of the Great Spirit: respect, honesty, sharing, and caring. Without each one of these the others do not exist.

It is now time for moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, and children to get involved in the healing of our world. Make it your business, too.

Wovoca aka Wovoka, Wavoka: "The Indian Messiah"

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