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Aliens? or the "Ant People" who cared for the Hopi? Native Americans believe there is "duality" -- good and bad -- in everything, and that would have to include aliens. The Hopi and Pueblo say the "Ant People" fed and cared for their people while they were living underground,

between the 3rd and 4th (our) world, before they reemerged into the "upper world" at Sipapu, which is in the American Southwest.

Are the "Ant
People" back
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Navajo Times Correspondent

Navajo Times Thursday, Feb 27, 1997


On this same subject, read cover"When the Comet Runs" by Tom Kay

WINDOW ROCK - The Hale-Bopp comet, which can now be seen in the early morning skies over the Navajo Reservation, may be the sign that Hopi Elders have been talking about for generations to signify the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

Or so says Robert Morning Sky, who has been going on National and local radio programs in the past couple of months, to talk about his research and what it means for mankind.

Morning Sky, 50, who said he is half Hopi and half Apache, is a lecturer and Native American Dancer who has spoken around the world on matters relating to Indian issues and philosophy.

His research into the prophecies of not only the Hopi but also other Native peoples as well as the Egyptians, had convinced him that the world is at a unique juncture right now.

"He stressed that he is not a psychic or a Hopi traditional but simply a researcher who has spent time looking into the prophecies and what they mean.

Hopi prophecy, he said, says that 'Humankind now resides in the "Fourth World" and then when this world ends, there will be the return of "The Great White Brother," which will be signaled by a 'great white star in the sky.

The prophecy tells the story of two brothers who were given sacred stones. The older brother was told to take the stones to the "rising sun' and then come back to look for his brother who would remain "in the land of the Great Spirit."

Upon the return of the older brother, people who have done wrong to the Hopi people would be punished and destroyed and all the land taken from the Hopi would be returned.

Morning Sky indicates his research that the coming of the Hale-Bopp comet signifies that the beginning of this time in the Hopi tradition has now come.

He said that this has been confirmed because all important prophecies are always preceded by an opening event that signals that a prophecy has begun.

What a lot of people don't know, he said, is that this opening event is centered around "a twin" - two events of a sacred nature that occur close in time to each other.

In this case, the twin events center around the birth of a white buffalo calf in 1994 in the United States and then the birth of another one in May of 1995.

"To go along with this, he said that the 'Great White Star' that would signal the return of the Older Brother would also have to be a pair of comets, first Hyakutake in 1996 and Hale-Bopp in 1997.

The comet Hyakutake was in almost exactly that same position on April 2, 1996 as the comet Hale-Bopp will be on April 2, 1997," Morning Sky wrote. 'It is possible that all of this is a massive coincidence but could someone be trying to signal us?'

Morning Sky said the Hopi prophecies, as well as those listed in the Bible in the Book of Revelations, all seem to be dove tailing now into one. He also pointed out that a list of other prophecies told by Hopi elders centuries ago are now coming to pass.

These include prophecies that say there will be roads in the sky, there will be moving houses of iron, there will be horseless carriages, men will have the ability to speak with each other through cobwebs and men's clothing will be taken over by women.

Another key prophecy is that "the white man's government will gradually stop taking care of Indians," which could refer to plans by the government to phase out the Bureau of Indian Affairs and contract directly with Indian tribes.

Morning Sky said that if the Hale-Bopp Comet is the sign the Hopis have been waiting for, it is foretelling the coming of another comet "seven seasons from now" that will set in motion the 'end of time.'

While seasons are usually related to years, it's possible that in this case a season will signify another form of time, Morning Sky said, from a month to a decade or an epoch.

If it is years, it means that sometime in the year 2004 another comet will appear in the skies and that will be the final sign of the prophecy.

"I really hope I am wrong about this, but my research indicates that this is what is happening," he said.

Hopi prophecy says, Morning Sky continued, at the end of time those that have followed their traditions will be saved and those who have not will be doomed.

"The key to interpreting this is to have Hopi mean good people and not just a member of a tribe. In this case a non-Indian, who acts in such a way to follow certain traditional ways, could be considered to be a Hopi and would survive," Morning Sky said.

Morning Sky admitted that these views are his own and that he has not talked to Hopi elders about whether their interpretations of the prophecies go along with his.

Leigh Jenkins, who is director of cultural preservation for the Hopi Tribe, said he couldn't say whether or the Hale-Bopp comet is the yellow star mentioned in the Hopi Prophecies.

Yes, we are familiar with a yellow star but when it will appear is uncertain," he said, pointing out that generally Hopi elders don't get that specific in talking about prophecies.

Jenkins said he has not heard of any other Hopi elder relating the presence of the Hale-Bopp comet to Hopi prophecies.

 As for Morning Sky, said Jenkins, no one Has ever seen him on the reservation.

Editor's Note: This comment AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE doesn't surprise me, since Morning Sky's Mother probably left the reservation when she married. He was raised on the an Apache Reservation. This comment is an attempt by Jenkins to discredit Morning Sky.


As a matter of probability, the Nation Council has done nothing but make life miserable for Dan. Even if Jenkins did have a good relationship with him, that doesn't mean that Dan would share anything sacred with him!

Another fanastic new book is  When The Comet Runs - Prophecies for the New Millenium    
A fascinating comparison of Nostradamus, Ezekiel, Hildegard of Bingen, Edgar Cayce, Mary Summer Rain, Gordon-Michael Scallion, Abd-ru-shin, Mother Shipton, Paul Solomon, and Sun Bear.

These highly regarded prophets have all made grave predictions concerning the end of the millenium. Many agree that the harginger of the "end times" is the appearance of a spectcular comet. Some call it the Blue Star, some Planet X.

The large, extremely bright comet named Hale-Bopp has again entered our solar system--it may even be visible in daylight in 1997. It's previous visits--every 3,200 or 4,200 years--were at the times of the Exodus from Egypt, the Great Flood, and the supposed destruction of Atlantis.

Researcher Tom Kay has delved into millennial prophecies from many sources, examining them for a consistent message. It is the most thorough book of its kind, the prophecies are compared for sililarities and analyzed for their credibility.

When the Comet Runs will help you draw your own conclusions about these most disturbing but compelling prophecies.

"Can lead the reader to understand the spiritual reasons and necessity of the throes of a new age and.....the right inner preparation."

Dr. Friedbert Karger, Max Planck Institute

"Brings to life ancient visions and prophecies that can be of help to people......by casting light on the instument of a "new science."

Dr. Micah Rubenstein, Kenyon College, Ohio

If you like our website, you'll LOVE Tom's new book. We got ours at www.Amazon.com on the World Wide Web!


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