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Roman Catholic Prophecy

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Aliens? or the "Ant People" who cared for the Hopi? Native Americans believe there is "duality" -- good and bad -- in everything, and that would have to include aliens. The Hopi and Pueblo say the "Ant People" fed and cared for their people while they were living underground,

between the 3rd and 4th (our) world, before they reemerged into the "upper world" at Sipapu, which is in the American Southwest.

Are the "Ant
People" back
to help us...

Saudi Arabian authorities recently banned this website
because of  their accurate earthquake predictions.
Learn about who "they" are, what the U.S. Gov't is hiding, the coming pole shift, in 2003, how to prepareadvice for shelter safe from the coming flooding, homes, gardening, self-reliancemeet othersinformation, etc.

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Roman Catholic Prophecy

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EDITORS NOTE: Roman Catholic Church admits presence of Aliens... are they running scared because they know that government announcements are coming? The Children at Fatima described a "wheel" that came down from the Sun, and veered away before it hit the crowd, and you may want to read this article

But here's a little background: The Virgin Mary has been appearing with more and more frequency, and all over the world -- and not just to Catholics -- since the turn of the century, and has carried a warning each time. In 1913, she appeared to three young childen at Fatima in Portugal, and gave them three prophecies that would come to pass. The first two have come to pass, and the Third -- well that is the question! Only one of the three children is alive today, and she is sworn to secrecy -- or has she told what she knows?

Mary appeared once again to children at Garabandel in Spain, and gave them a secret that was only to be revealed 8 days before the cleansing of the Earth was to begin. She mandated that all of the bishops of the Catholic Church were to meet together and become unified. That has never happened. Those children she appeared to at Garabandel are alive today.

There is a large unity movement, knows as the "Marian Movement" within the Catholic Faith. It is that movement that perpetuates Mary's message to the deaf ears of most Catholics!

Dimitru Duduman was a Romanian Customs Colonel, whos job was to search for and confiscate Bibles coming into Romania. He was raised by pentecostal catholic parents, but denied that faith until one day when he had an experience that changed his life. He spent time in a Russian prison and was scheduled to be kicked to death by the guards. This was of course unless he had been devoured by the jailers several hundred rats! Dimitru was praying for deliverance from the rats which had been released into his cell, and he got it. Moses appeared to him, killed the rats and piled them neatly, and told Dimitru that he would yet live, to go to North America and preach repentance to Americans and Canadians concerning abortion, but would come near to death while yet in prison.

Moses told Dimitru that when the guards tried to kill him, that their commander would be struck dead. They were going to kick him to death, and the Commander immediately died -- of a brain aneurism. The guards were so scared that they gave him two choices: off to a Russian Mental Hospital, or be deported to America!

The Prophecykeeper had the privilege of meeting Dimitru Duduman when he visited America, calling Mormons to repentance. Result: The Mormon bishop that arranged for his visit was immediately released from his calling! But a lot of Mormons got an earfull! You can order Dimitru's book from this website: Prophecies of Brother Dumitri Duduman

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