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The Question of Indian Enrollment

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Reader, Welcome to our web magazine. We have been here for a couple of years. Before you write please note: We are not the Red Nation of the Cherokee. We are Sioux. We do not condemn or endorse them. We are questioning the law of enrollment.

Look at your own child. You can pass on all your knowledge, your religion and it's symbols, all your possessions everything that is legally and morally yours.

This you can do legally, morally and justifiably. THAT IS UNLESS YOU ARE NATIVE AMERICAN!

If you bring a child into the world with a partner outside the enrolled Native American community, your child or your grandchild will be forbidden acceptance by your tribe.

WHY? The government says, "Not enough 'Indian blood', now your family is done being Indian." Federal law takes away the human rights of one person to love another. Federal law imposes the cruelest punishment known to man against an unborn child, the denial of their ancestors and the acceptance of their historical family. If some one marries outside their race they exterminate their own people.


During the period of time when the indian looked like this the reservation was formed. This also included the Cherokee Nation. People who looked like this were enrolled. This is what the white man thought the Indian was. In reality there were many whites, blacks and hispanics that were married into the Native American families, but they didn't look like this and were excluded from the rolls.


For the federal government to recognize the rights of any person as being Native American with a tibal heritage, they must be examined, registered and enrolled. Registration of Native Americans by Degree of Pure Blood, commonly called enrollment, is the certification of human flesh in a racial based system of ethnic segregation. It is described as pedigreed blood quantum, percentages of "pure Indian blood". The same system is used by breeders to certify dogs, horses, show and feedlot animals. It is a law of genocide because it is a law which makes a culture of people into a breed of animals so it can guarantee their extinction. It has long been hated by the traditional families because it extracts a hideous penalty. Racial purity has a line of severance. This is race purity, not cultural or spiritual purity. The son or daughter who marries outside his race will produce offspring who are less "racially pure Indian stock" and that child will not be registered as Indian, forever ending their claim to belong. The penalty is against the child for no other reason than their parents chose to love another person out side of the Native American community outside their race. This is racism in it's purest form and a formula for extinction. Registration sets a limit where the individual is not recognized or allowed to participate in the tribe and should they make the attempt are attacked as outsiders. The child is forbidden the tribe's heritage, it's cultural and religious symbols as well as it's political, social, economic, cultural and religious structures . The Government has ordered the tribes to conform and the sell out Indian has embraced the order. "If you wish to remain an Indian you must maintain racial purity. You cannot ever love another outside your Native community and it's race or you will extinguish your tribe." This law is a law designed to spread racial hatred in every conceivable aspect. It is designed keep one race separate from another by taking away the ability to freely love all of the children of the Medicine Wheel, no matter what race they may be. It makes racists of enrolled Native Americans and racists of those who would love them as family. It segregates non-registered people from marrying into enrolled families because every outsider is a threat to the racial purity of the nation and therefore a threat of extinction. Every tribe enrolls by blood quantum. The Cherokee Nation was ordered to determine theirs in the first decade of the 20th Century to allot and extinguish tribal identity and has never turned back, severing hundreds of thousands of people past and present from their families and from the protection, heritage, culture, religion and material life of the people as a Nation. When that law of enrollment is broken through racial intermarriage, it is not just the parents that will pay the price for even as they do, the punishment is extracted on the unborn children. That child will receive the penalty that he or she will never have the ability to lay clam to their ancestral rights, homeland or material wealth. This law was installed by the United States Government purely for the purpose of genocide. This law is genocide purposefully enacted to make people into animals and exterminate the identity of those living people from existence on the face of the earth. You will hear a moan and cry of anger come from defenders of this crime against humanity. The greedy Indian will be outraged and the other racists will say the "Indians" have done this to themselves. Anybody who has a lick of common sense and knows their history would tell you the Indian who did this at the time registration was started was a sell out to the US Government, and was not the protector of their people. What tribal official would have chosen a law to exterminate his own people and to punish his own children?


"I am not going to be a racist and close my heart to loving and marrying any other color of person, I am going to love the one who has earned that love in my heart. My children and grandchildren will always have the right to our family culture, heritage and religious beliefs." He has violated the law of racial segregation which is called enrollment and now this child pays the penalty. She is not recognized by government to be a full member of his family.


They came from Wyoming, Oklahoma, Missouri, North Carolina, the Cherokee Qualla Reservation and all over Kansas. A family even made the trip across the puddle from England to this historic event. Traveling as the old bands and clans did to the philosophy that held the people together as a nation, the Red Nation of the Cherokee placed their feet together on Mother Earth and their hearts beat as one to Father Sun shining upon their families. Under the watchful and protective eye of a dozen uniformed security men of the Red Nation of the Cherokee the crowd of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters talked, joked, ate and settled in to listen to speakers who welcomed them. "We will always claim our own grandchildren" said a Wichita, Kansas resident to the crowd of Native Americans assembled in Andover Park, Saturday, September 26th, 1998. Putting her arm around her wiggling 8 year old she was greeted by applause when she continued, "My children can marry any person of any race they want and I will always love and honor my child and his children as part of me and as members of my nation. He is the future of our people." Enrolled Rosebud Sioux elder Clem Iron Wing, blessed the drum and addressed the assembled families, "You cannot have a law that penalizes the unborn child and penalizes the freedom to love and marry those of another race. There is only one sensible, logical way to view that law which forbids the marrying outside the Indian community. It is wrong. It is wrong when a law is designed to punish an unborn child. That is unheard of. There is no human being that would acknowledge such a law. It is a law for animals written by animals. Only governments bent on genocide would acknowledge it." Joe Morris, long time Cherokee language instructor at the Mid America All Indian Center, Wichita, Kansas now a resident of Trenton Texas, said, "There is a lot to teach these little ones growing up and it is up to us to do it. Education is very important."


The fastest growing religion in the United States is that of the Native American people. An awakening is in progress. The United States census reports double the number of Native Americans in it's last accounting period. Many times more than could ever be born in that time period. Native Americans are claiming their families, their ancestors, their heritage and the right to follow the religion of their choice with the people of their choice. "We are tirerd of being told we are not Native Americans when we know who we are." said Shawndose a member of the organizing core for the gathering.


The Red Nation of the Cherokee celebrating their birth day at Andover, Kansas are laying claim to their heritage and asserting their rights to intermarry with any race with out fear of exterminating their tribal heritage, political recognition or their religious beliefs and customs. By contrast all so called mainstream religions are rapidly loosing their numbers and resorting to more and more gimmicks and threats to retain the remainder, leaving one Cherokee to comment, "I don't think there is enough room in Hell to house all the people who have thrown away their fear of God and left the Christian churches." The reason for this surge in embracing true religious values? Native Americans are no longer afraid to claim their own families. The extermination of their People and their Nation as a spiritual, political and social force is being confronted head on. This gathering of Native American families with children of all ages happily playing together along with the elderly and busy parents points to a definite splitting of a tribe. There are many who were forced out by the law of genocide, called enrollment, but now they want their families reunited. They want their ancestral rights, land and family reunited. This shows that the Cherokee people are no longer remain ignorant, for the Red Nation of the Cherokee stands for the rights of all unborn children. That right is to lay claim to the history, traditions, heritage culture, religion and it's symbols and the lands of their people not by the division of blood quantum but by belonging to that family. The right to love those of their own choosing without the punishment of genocide.

CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT- Can we love whom we want?

The Red Nation of the Cherokee marks what is sure to be the beginning of a class action law suit against the Government of the United States of America. What this young tribe has said to the original Cherokee Nation and to the United States Government is this: "A human has a right to love whom ever they wish." Why should an unborn child be penalized for the actions of it's parents who, coming from different races, chose to bring this child into the world? A question must be answered, "Why does the Cherokee Nation support a law of genocide designed for the sole purpose of their own destruction as a Nation?" The enrollment law has failed. The Cherokee people are once again standing and confronting the sellout who has taken away their right to love freely in a country of freedom.Any person of dignity and common sense will conclude the newly formed Red Nation of the Cherokee has given notice to the Cherokee Nation and the US Government to be ready to test your law in court. No human being would say that a law which is overtly racist, because it denies the familial acceptance of any individual of another race, should remain in effect with out paying a penalty. Had not the newly formed Red Nation of the Cherokee and their ancestors who were of the so called "pure blood" not violated this law of enrollment/genocide, than the Cherokee Nation would have been exterminated long ago. It has taken the courage of freely loving the human race to keep it alive. This fact is simply proven, look at any Cherokee to day, trace their ancestral heritage and you will find they did love out side their race. It is that ability to love another that has kept them alive. Will the Red Nation of the Cherokee continue to speak out until all the children of the Nation are once more given their ancestral rights? These are the same basic rights that all human beings enjoy, the right to claim their ancestors, their heritage their religions and their material possessions. Restitution must be made for the suffering.


Traditional Native Americans do not penalize an unborn child because of greed but accept them in a sharing fashion. The choice is always left up to the unborn child to choose the path they will follow back to the Creator/God. They must be given the recognition and the means to earn that right to honor their ancestors and walk that Red Path should they choose it. The Red Nation of the Cherokee has sent a message to the greedy sellout Indian who is so commonly recognized through out American history books as the traitor. The message they are sending is clear, "We will no longer allow you to sell the rights of an unborn child away. We will no longer stand by while you penalize an unborn child, we will no longer watch you penalize the free will of the child to love whom ever they wish."

ONE EXAMPLE: THE EAGLE FEATHER Enrollment is a law which forbids the unborn child in all cases the ability to posses the most recognized religious symbol of their people, the eagle feather. The US Government regularly arrests and convicts those who are not registered Native Americans for worshipping with the eagle feather. Freedom of religion has not yet been given to Native Americans and the law of registration by enrollment is the tool of religious persecution that is used to control, dehumanize and terrorize Native Americans. Enrollment takes away the freedom of religion of an unborn child. In the 1990's the children are still havening their human rights violated. This child can no longer hold the religious symbol of the eagle feather. By all means protect the species called eagle, but do not take away the right to pray.


A law of extermination created to divide the races through hatred .


When African Americans speak of reparatioins this isssue of enrollment is a perfect example of what they are talking about. During the period of time when enrollment still existed in the Cherokee nation. Slaves were escaping from the South. They became part of the Cherokee Nation. Their children were born into the Cherokee Nation. There are many descendants of African American heritage who are by rights members of the Cherokee Nation. Due to the fact of the enrollment law which was blood degree at that time, the so called Superintendents and the so called tribal officials who were the sells outs and flunkies of the US Government looked at the multi-racial/mixed blood of the African American and the Cherokee Nation and said, "You don't look like an Indian you look black to me!" They denied the very existence of these families and refused them enrollment. Along with this genocide they denied the benefits of material, religious, social and cultural heritage that are rightful those of all the many African American Indian children who exist today. It is their right to belong. Government works to exterminate all Native identity. For 500 years in the Black Holocaust, African Americans lost their rights and identity as human beings and still struggle to regain them. Government uses enrollment to exterminate every one's Native American identity by keeping people from claiming their heritage, learning and honoring their historical family culture and it's spirituality. Divide this Indian one more generation and the government says he is gone, they will not recognize him.


With the coming of the Red Nation of the Cherokee, many races previously denied their heritage by a racist and hateful law of extinction will have the blessing of belonging. From the point of time when the enrollment law came into being the unborn child has had it's human rights violated. The law of enrollment is violating the constitutional rights of many unborn children to become citizens of the United States. How many children outside the Southern US border can lay claim to their ancestral heritage? We believe it is in the hundreds of thousands.


Many Cherokee went to Mexico to escape enrollment and persecution. Just as Andrew Jackson wanted them to do. Sequoya, a well known Cherokee teacher, made trips there to visit and share his knowledge. To the idiot who can't understand why citizenship must be granted the Hispanic/Mexican/Cherokee here is the explanation. Any military man today who has a child in another country now has a child with the right to lay claim to citizen ship in the country of his father because his father is a citizen. Hispanics who can trace their heritage verbally to the Cherokee Nation have automatic US citizenship. The only reason they do not is because of the inhuman law of enrollment that forbids them their ancestral rights of belonging to the people of their ancestors. This not only applies to Hispanics who can trace their heritage back to the Cherokee, but ancestry among the Apache, Yaqi, Navaho, Hopi, Zuni, Seminole and all the Southwestern and Southern tribes.


Is the new Cherokee Nation the fore runner of US citizenship rights obviously overdue to Hispanics? Very likely. Will African Americans who have the ancestral blood of the Cherokee finally start demanding the ancestral rights due them to help with their education now that Affirmative Action has been crushed? It is within their grasp. Will white Americans who historically are known to have intermarried with many Native Americans stand and demand their ancestral rights? The warning is now out there for Tribal and United States governments. Native American People all over this hemisphere as well as those returning from England, and the world are rising to say, "Give us back what is ours because you were wrong to impose a law that stated my ancestors did not have free choice to love outside their race. This law established an intolerable situation and is a crime against humanity. The unborn child which was me was penalized by giving up what was rightfully mine, my ancestral heritage. The law of enrollment violated my constitutional rights generations before I was born, because I was being denied and rejected by the United States Government and it's flunky tribal system. These are the governments that labored to exterminate my family. Before my birth I was denied the basic human right to belong to my own people, the people that my lineage says I have a right to belong to and I have a right to receive all the benefits of belonging to my own people.


We are neither for the new Red Nation of the Cherokee or against them, what we say is that, like every Native American the right to be called such is earned.

Traditional Native Americans have always said it is heritage that makes the Native American become a human being, and everything comes down to the education of the people to walk the Red Path, for there is no other way to set your foot upon it than to live it. Since the enactment of the enrollment law the greedy sell out has tried to get around this simple truth. The right to be Native American is earned. Defend your ancestral heritage by learning it and seeing that the rights of the people are protected. This is what must happen. The traditional way of becoming an Indian is by understanding your culture and learning it. There is no law that can refute this basic human truth. Ask yourself this question, how many of you are defending the religion and the religious symbols of our people? Who are the ones that are crying out about the injustice done to their people? You know those people well for they are so few. If you wish to be part of those people honor your people. Honor their rights, their suffering, their traditional beliefs and then I will accept you as brother or sister. But if you do not hold our honor in that highest esteem than I must feel that you are not of my people. Let your voices be raised to protect your religious symbols. Raise your voice and demand the dignity of your people don't sit there and say "We pray to God to get to work" then ignore the people in front of us, our brothers and sisters, our families. Do not say we are only mascots for there is no other people living in this day and age who are entertainment mascots and treated without dignity as is the Native American. Demand the rights of your unborn child and of your ancestral heritage. Demand that the land be returned that was taken away through atrocities and crimes of genocide in acts of inhumane proportions. Demand that the Red Holocaust be addressed which is committed against you as you struggle in this day to regain your ancestral rights. Remember it was the Red Holocaust that took them away.


There are many paths back to the Creator/God/Great Spirit. The one you take is your choice and the Red Nation of the Cherokee has made that clear by saying we are Native American and no one will take the right to earn that honor and walk the path of our ancestors away from us and our children. Take for instance, the Sioux culture, because the traditional Native American Sioux Indian is well defined and is well known to all in this category. The elder and teacher of any one who is learning as a child does, asks his student, "Do you still follow the traditional spiritual and religious beliefs of your people?" Within the Sioux Nation it is common knowledge that if you are called Native American, which is your family, you must follow that religious path back to the Great Spirit. That is the tradition of the Eagle Feather, the Medicine Wheel, the Pipe and others which are religious symbols, as we proudly state, symbols for all time. The Sioux speaks to say, no one can separate us from our traditional religious beliefs for that is our ancestral path to the Great Spirit. That is the way we have come through so many generations to know and is our tradition and our way of life. To use other symbols and to walk with another philosophy, is to be some thing else. Very simple and common sense. How can any individual who follows the spiritual and religious path of the Catholic, Methodist or Christian churches truly understand the traditional path of the Sioux Nation back to the Great Spirit? This is very simple and easy to understand, these people who are Catholic or Christian by choice and have closed the door on the traditional beliefs of the Native American people they claim to belong to. Therefore how can they understand, become part of, or belong to the Sioux Nation if the ancient traditional spiritual and religious path is cut off from their understanding? Introduced by the Red Nation of the Cherokee there now exists a flag for the people. On that flag is the eagle. They made the statement, "The eagle is the sacred bird that carries our prayers to the Creator". By choosing the eagle feather they have made the statement they no longer hold the cross but instead have chosen the older traditional religious symbol, the one that has existed from the birth of the Cherokee Nation. The ancient religion of the Cherokee Nation has been honored. It is this religion which has benefited their people longer than any other religious symbol and that is the ancient path back to the Creator/Great Spirit. They are saying they will no longer disgrace their family's religious beliefs. Look around you, the ones who hold the cross have never come forward to talk about enrollment, they have left you to perish. They have never protected you or your children's right to belong. They have not honored your right to your heritage, they have never honored your rights as a human being, but still consider you a redskin who has survived the holocaust. The Red Nation of the Cherokee has obviously make this simple statement, "When you called us redskins you took away our land, you slaughtered our children and mutilated our women, created the Trail of Murder (Tears) and now the man who is responsible for that, you honor on the twenty dollar bill. You classified us as animals, segregated us like animals by blood, called us redskin savages in that era and installed a breeders law on us. Now we tell you we are human beings, we are not animals but Human Beings, the Real People, Aniunwia, and now we want that right to claim our heritage. In the 90's your soldiers will no longer be honored for using one of our three year old children for target practice as he ran away from the guns of genocide toward the loving arms of his family. We are human beings. Aniunwia, the Real People."


Native Americans are Native Americans now and through all time back to the Source of Life. This is true because we know no one can divide the Native American from their spiritual and religious beliefs for that is their identity. That is their family line. The simplest thing to do which the Sioux Nation has done before, is to give the religious identity test. A Native American holds up the eagle feather, the Pipe and the Medicine Wheel and simply says "These are the religious symbols that have led our people home to the Great Spirit from the beginning of time These are the Sioux Nation's connection to the Great Spirit." Then he holds up a Bible and a Cross which are symbols of the spiritual and religious beliefs of another people and is asked. "History has shown these people persecuted and committed the Red Holocaust against your people. Are these the symbols that you now follow which are not Native American, not Sioux, but are of the enemy who persecuted the Sioux Nation? If you choose these it is your right. For it is your right to say what happened to my ancestors is of no meaning to me, for now I believe this way. But remember this before you say these words, your ancestral line back to the Great Spirit is your family from the beginning of time until now. If you walk away from that family and forget their suffering, it acknowledges the fact that you are no longer of that family, no longer of the Sioux Nation." That is the correct way of determining who belongs to the Sioux Nation and who does not. For each individual born must be given the opportunity to choose to walk the spiritual and religious path of their family or to reject it and walk the path of another people. To understand this entirely and to be of the Human Beings you will know it is not a matter of simply opposing laws that are unjust to unborn children, and to people, it is a matter of the honor you hold for your ancestors. This is no small task. Were their beliefs good enough for you and do you honor them or do you dishonor that family line and choose another? It is not the wrong way to turn away, it simply says you are not of the Sioux Nation or the other tribes who have the same spiritual beliefs, you walk with another family. That is the only moral way to lay claim to your ancestral heritage, with your own choice to accept that way of life. How interesting to find out how many in your community would embrace the Eagle Feather, the Pipe and the Medicine Wheel which are all spiritual symbols that say you belong to these people. How many people in your community would embrace the Christian Cross, the Star of David, the Star and Crescent Moon or other symbols. The symbols which represent the beliefs say to the world, "These are our people, this is where we belong." How many would stand in public holding the eagle feather up to say, "I follow that traditional path home."? This is the way a human being recognizes who you are and where you belong. The traditionals have always understood this for this is the way of honor. If you can stand in the open and express that honor of your people then you belong to those people. It will always honor those people. In forming the Red Nation of the Cherokee, these people have installed many unanswerable questions. But that is only for now, for with their actions the seed has been planted for an accounting of all the wrongs done during the Red Holocaust against the Native Americans. The Native American has come to a day of reckoning by their intelligence and their hearts and no longer will we sit silent. -copyright by Clem Iron Wing & Matthew Richter, 1998


Our e-mail box is open for the so called grandmothers and grandfathers who think they can justify a law that says this child is no longer a member of her family and entitled to what every child is entitled to, the belonging of her family. The reason we put this up is because it is such a huge issue. If you have any comments on it or can defend it, send us a letter, it is open for discussion. Please explain why you are against it or why you are for it. Question: Are you Native American? Are your children enrolled? Will they be enrolled?


Now it is an issue of whether or not their ancestral heritage is held in any form of honor and dignity within them. You will see Native Americans who are proud of their ancestral heritage responding to this article. What you will not see is the fake Indian because they can be exposed. So when you view a Native American site and you don't see a link to this page know they are only claiming to be a Native American to receive benefits. If they don't stand up and speak for their heritage and it's cultural beliefs how can they possibly be Indian? We will find the real Indian pro or con speaking out on this issue. What we will do here is to separate the sell out and the wannabe from the human beings.

HOME PAGE Send responses to children@iwchildren.org copyright by Clem Iron Wing & Matthew Richter, 1997


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