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UFOs and Hopi Indian Prophecy

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Update November 3, 1999

"Long Haired Kachina Dancers"

(c)credit Touch The Earth Foundation

Hopi: Children of the Stars

By Christopher Montgomery

The picture to the left shows a ceremonial Hopi costume, called the "Kochina." This outfit resembles a helmeted spaceman, which raises the possibility that they have been in contact with UFOs at sometime in their ancient history. The helmet alone would not be sufficient to draw this conclusion, but taken with other evidence of contact with UFO occupants, the connection becomes clear.

"Maasaw showed himself at the founding of Hoteville in the form of a fireball bouncing around in the sky...if you happen to be too close to him when he passes by, all of your energy is taken away and you black out when he is gone."

To a UFO researcher, this sounds like a UFO contact experience, complete with what appears to be a form of fear paralysis, the likes of which has been well documented by researcher and author Christopher Montgomery.

This exclusive research is offered to you here on the Internet, in hopes that it would convey the importance of listening to the Hopi Indian prophecies that have been well documented by beloved native American researcher, Thomas E. Mails.

Numerous Hopi prophecies have come true, and have been well documented in this native American culture. It is one of the few tribes in America that have remained largely intact, as has their prophecies leading up to the apocalypse of the world.

Although most native American Indians have refused to go public with this information, some have allowed it at the risk of expulsion from their tribes. The reason that the Hopi have remained intact and still live on their ancient lands, is primarily because they have remained at good terms with early American settlers. Nor did they have much to offer the white man as he moved west across the heart of America. It is for this reason that they have retained most of the knowledge passed down from the ancient ones, unlike other Amerindian cultures in the United States.

The Hopi Indians are not the only tribe in America that have chronicled the UFO contact experience passed down from the ancient ones. Other indian tribes, like the Sioux and Cherokee also relate similar stories. This offers a unique arena for UFO research, in that contact with spacemen of long ago was chronicled and recorded in sacred customs and ceremony. We shall explore this research later.


The Hopi have one of the most complex and "profound" systems of religious worship known to man. There observance of ritual ceremonies involves so much of their time, that holding down a regular job is impractical, if not impossible. There beliefs are deeply rooted in religious dogma, having numerous prophecies that have already been fulfilled. The greatest are yet to come. As in any prophecy, it is open to speculation and interpretation. Having said this, let us explore some of the Hopi prophecies from Hoteville.

The New Millenium

One of the most interesting of the Hopi prophecies, involves the closing of the fourth cycle (our present age) and the opening of the fifth. I compare it to the Judeo-Christian prophecies of the great tribulation, a seven year period that brings great suffering to people of Earth. The closing of the fourth cycle involves a period of sharp and steady decline in civilization, with the duration of this closing period dependent on and determined by a series of choices made by humankind. I, like the Hopi Indians, believe that this world is what we make of it. If we choose to live in peace and harmony, the decline can be avoided and the prosperity of humanity can be extended without bounds. If, on the other hand, we are to negate the importance of our fellow man, the consequences of same shall result in an eventual end of this age.

Presented to us with suprising clarity, the prophecies and advice are all the more astonishing since they were given to the Hopi centuries before they could have known anything whatsoever about the other individuals and places involved, and with even themselves being shown in a light they could not have at first fathomed. -HOTEVILLA

The beginning of the fifth cycle starts at the apex, or end of the fourth cycle. The renewal and rebirth of our civilization is also propheci, very similar to the prophecies set forth by the Holy Bible. The best way to envision this transitional period, is to place two cones, tip to tip. The point of transition is at the apex where the two cycles meet. When we view the two cones, nose to nose from a side profile, the fourth cycle comes to the apex (close) and the fifth cycle starts (new beginnning) Another way of looking at it is that the new millenium (fifth cycle) will be like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

What relevance does this have to UFOs, you may ask? The Holy Bible, like the prophecies of the Hopi Masaaw, both incorporate Jungian archetypes in the form of the UFO. As I mentioned earlier, the "ball of light" mentioned in Masaaw prophecy can be associated to the UFO contact paradigm. Here the close proximity of the UFO objects can cause one to sleep, which is closely associate with the "fear paralysis" phenomenon. This landmark research was revealed in my book "UFOs: A Scientific Inquiry."

Historians have said that the Hopi date back to the beginning of the first millenium, but evidence suggests that their roots may lie deep within the uncharted territory of prehistory. For example, The Masaaw Hopi prophets also documented a great flood at one time in their recorded past. This would certainly predate the first millenium, placing it somewhere around the time of Genesis in the Bible.



HOTEVILLA, Hopi Shrine of the Covenant, Microcosm of the World, 1995 by Thomas E. Mails; and Dan Evehema; Marlowe and Company, New York NY

UFOs AS SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY; 1999 C. Montgomery; Publishing online; Seattle, WA; http://www.publishingonline.com

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