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Leon Shenandoah, the late Supreme Sachem of the 6 nations Confederacy speaks on the "end of the world"

from "Travels in a Stone Canoe: The Return to the Wisdomkeepers " by Harvey Arden and Steve Wall

The end of the world! I thought about it and wondered aloud to Leon: "What's going to happen then -- at the end of the world?"

"Nature will take care of it. Someday... Someday the people will be shown that they have no power and all, and nature will show them. You can't control nature. You have to live with it. That's were harmony comes from." He stopped for moment. After thinking he said, "but yet I have found when it's almost time for the world come to an end, He's going to send His helpers down here to pick up seeds. The helpers will pick up seeds. You got to have seeds to plan again."

"Helpers?" I asked. "Who are the helpers?"

"We call them the Four Protectors. Like angels, they've been here already. They never died. They're always up there with the creator or. Then the creator sent them down here as our protectors. They're right now watching over me. They do that for only certain ones who ask for it.

"Some people don't know about the Four Protectors. But they're here now. You communicate with them with the sacred tobacco. Lots of people ask me to burn tobacco when they go to the hospital. A lot of Indians have lost their way, but they still kinda believe in our way. And when someone goes to the hospital, right away they come for tobacco. Then what happens next depends on the Peacemaker.

"You communicate by burning the sacred tobacco. We burn it to ask that the world continue on, but we know the world will be going through hard changes. I've seen things. My spirit travels when I sleep. I've been shown how it's going to be, how people won't be ready when the world starts to change, How they'll all be running and screaming. And then just nothing -- nothing at all. That's what I was shown. I had awful feeling when I finally woke up. I was left with just the grief."

"Tell me, Leon, what didn't feel like?" I asked.

"It feels like an emptyness. IT almost feels like there's nothing. It's like the one minute you are right at the edge of a cliff, and then you go down and that's it. Or else it's the end of your life. When I woke up, I was glad it was just a dream. There were my kids, my family. I was glad to wake up."

"How can we be ready?" I asked.

"What did I tell you! Live off the earth. Plant your own food and save the seeds so you can plant it over.

"The world will change. In the meantime it tells's in the instructions that we are all visitors here. Were only visiting this earth. We are all going to come and go continuously. We're not here forever. So we have to make the best of it while we're here are visiting."



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"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." Amos 3:7

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