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Handsome Lake's Revelation 

The beginning was in May, early in the moon, in the year 1800.

It commences now.

The place is on the Allegany River, in Cornplanter village.

Now it is the harvest time, so he said.

Now a party of people move. They go down in canoes down the Allegany river. They plan to hunt throughout the autumn and the winter seasons.

Now they land at Warren, Pa., and set up camp.

The weather changes and they move again. They go farther down the river. The ice melts opening up the stream and so they go still farther down. They land at Pittsburgh. It is a little village of white people. Here they barter their skins, dried meat and fresh game for strong drink. They put a barrel of it in their canoes.

Now all the canoes are lashed together like a raft.

Now all the men become filled with strong drink. They yell and sing like demented people. Those who are in the middle canoes do this.

Now they are homeward bound.

Now when they come to where they had left their wives and children these embark to return home. They go up Cornplanter creek.

Now that the party is home the men revel in strong drink and are very quarrelsome. Because of this the families become frightened and move away for safety. So from many places in the bushlands camp fires send up their smoke.

Now the drunken men run yelling through the village and there is no one there except the drunken men. Now they are beastlike and run about without clothing and all have weapons to injure those whom they meet.

Now there are no doors left in the houses for they have all been kicked off. So, also, there are no fires in the village and have not been for many days. Now the men full of strong drink have trodden in the fireplaces. They alone track there and there are no fires and their footprints are in all the fireplaces.

Now the dogs yelp and cry in all the houses for they are hungry.

So this is what happens.

And now furthermore a man becomes sick. Some strong power holds him.

Now as he lies in sickness he meditates and longs that he might rise again and walk upon the earth. So he implores the Great Ruler to give him strength that he may walk upon this earth again. And then he thinks how evil and loathsome he is before the Great Ruler. He thinks how he has been evil ever since he had strength in this world and done evil ever since he had been able to work. But notwithstanding, he asks that he may again walk.

So now this is what he sang: the Death chant, the Women's song, and the Harvest song. Now while he sings he has strong drink with him.

Now it comes to his mind that perchance evil has arisen because of strong drink and he resolves to use it nevermore. Now he continually thinks of this every day and every hour. Yea, he continually thinks of this. Then a time comes and he craves drink again for he thinks that he cannot recover his strength without it.

Now two ways he thinks: what once he did and whether he will ever recover.

Now he thinks of the things he sees in the daylight.

The sunlight comes in and he sees it and he says, "The Creator made this sunshine." So he thinks. Now when he thinks of the sunshine and of the Creator who made it he feels a new hope within him and he feels that he may again be on his feet in this world.

Now he had previously given up hope of life but now he begs to see the light of another day. He thinks thus for night is coming. So now he makes an invocation that he may be able to endure the night.

Now he lives through the night and sees another day. So then he prays that he may see the night and it is so. Because of these things he now believes that the Great Ruler has heard him and he gives him thanks.

Now the sick man's bed is beside the fire. At night he looks up through the chimney hole and sees the stars and he thanks the Great Ruler that he can see them for he knows that he, the Creator, has made them.

Now it comes to him that because of these new thoughts he may obtain help to arise from his bed and walk again in this world. Then again he despairs that he will ever see the new day because of his great weakness. Then again he has confidence that he will see the new day, and so he lives and sees it.

For everything he sees he is thankful. He thinks of the Creator and thanks him for the things he sees. Now he hears the birds singing and he thanks the Great Ruler for their music.

So then he thinks that a thankful heart will help him.

Now this man has been sick four years but he feels that he will now recover.

And the name of the sick man is Handsome Lake, a council chief.

Now at this time the daughter of the sick man and her husband are sitting outside the house in the shed and the sick man is within alone. The door is ajar. Now the daughter and her husband are cleaning beans for the planting. Suddenly they hear the sick man exclaim, "So be it?" Then they hear him rising in his bed and they think how he is but yellow skin and dried bones from four years of sickness in bed. Now they hear him walking over the floor toward the door. Then the daughter looks up and sees her father coming out of doors. He totters and she rises quickly

to catch him but he falls dying. Now they lift him up and carry him back within the house and dress him for burial.

Now he is dead.

Then the daughter says to her husband, "Run quickly and notify his nephew, Awl Breaker, that he who has lain so many years in bed has gone. Bid him come immediately."

So the husband runs to carry the message to Awl Breaker. And Awl Breaker says, "Truly so. Now hasten to Cornplanter, the brother of the dead man and say that he who lay sick for so many years is dead. So now go and say this."

So the husband goes alone to where Cornplanter lives and when he has spoken the wife says, "Cornplanter is at the island planting." So he goes there and says, "Cornplanter your brother is dead. He who was sick for so many years is dead. Go at once to his bed."

Then Cornplanter answers, "Truly, but first I must finish covering this small patch of seed. Then when I hoe it over I will come.".

Now everyone hearing of the death of the sick man goes to where he lies.

Now first comes Awl Breaker. He touches the dead man on every part of his body. Now he feels a warm spot on his chest and then Awl Breaker says, "Hold back your sadness, friends," for he had discovered the warm spot and because of this he tells the people that perhaps the dead man may revive. Now many people are weeping and the speaker sits down by his head.

Now after some time Cornplanter comes in and feels over the body of the dead and he too discovers the warm spot but says nothing but sits silently down at the feet of the dead man.

And for many hours no one speaks.

Now it is the early morning and the dew is drying. This is a time of trouble for he lies dead.

Now continually Awl Breaker feels over the body of the dead man. He notices that the warm spot is spreading. Now the time is noon and he feels the warm blood pulsing in his veins. Now his breath comes and now he opens his eyes.

Now Awl Breaker is speaking. "Are you well? What think you?"

Now the people notice that the man is moving his lips as if speaking but no words come. Now this is near the noon hour. Now all are silent while Awl Breaker asks again, "My uncle, are you feeling well?"

Then comes the answer, "Yes, I believe myself well." So these are the first words Handsome Lake spoke.

Now then he speaks again saying, "Never have I seen such wondrous visions! Now at first I heard someone speaking. Some one spoke and said, `Come out awhile' and said this three times. Now since I saw no one speaking I thought that in my sickness I myself was speaking but I thought again and found that it was not my voice. So I called out boldly, "so be it!" and arose and went out and there standing in the clear swept space I saw three men clothed in fine clean raiment. Their cheeks were painted red and it seemed that they had been painted the day before. Only a few feathers were in their bonnets. All three were alike and all seemed middle aged. Never before have I seen such handsome commanding men and they had in one hand bows and arrows as canes. Now in their other hands were huckleberry bushes and the berries were of every color.

"Then said the beings addressing me, 'He who created the world at the beginning employed us to come to earth. Our visit now is not the only one we have made. He commanded us saying "Go once more down upon the earth and (this time) visit him who thinks of me. He is grateful for my creations, moreover he wishes to rise from sickness and walk (in health) upon the earth. Go you and help him to recover.' Then said the messengers, `Take these berries and eat of every color. They will give you strength and your people with us will help you rise: So I took and ate the berries. Then said the beings, `On the morrow we will have it that a fire will be in the bushes and a medicine steeped to give you strength. We will appoint Dry Pudding and Dipped Tobacco, a man and his wife, to make the medicine. Now they are the best of all the medicine people. Early in the morning we will see them and at that time you will have the medicine for your use, and before noon the unused medicine will be cast away because you will have recovered. Now moreover before noon many people will gather at the council house. These people will be your relatives and will see you. They will have gathered the early strawberries and made a strawberry feast, and moreover will have strawberry wine sweetened with sugar. Then will all drink the juice of the berry and thank the Creator for your recovery and moreover they severally will call upon you by your name as a relative according as you are.'

"Now when the day came I went as appointed and all the people saw me coming and it was as predicted.

"Now the messengers spoke to me and said that they would now tell me how things ought to be upon the earth. They said: `Do not allow any one to say that you have had great fortune in being able to rise again. The favor of the four beings is not alone for you and the Creator is willing to help all mankind.'

"Now on that same day the Great Feather and the Harvest dances were to be celebrated and at this time the beings told me that my relatives would restore me. `Your feelings and spirits are low,' they said, `and must be aroused. Then will you obtain power to recover.' Verily the servants of the Creator said this. Now moreover they commanded that henceforth dances of this same kind should be held and thanksgiving offered whenever the strawberries were ripe. Furthermore they said that the juice of the berry must be drunk by the children and the aged and all the people. Truly all must drink of the berry juice, for they said that the sweet water of the berries was a medicine and that the early strawberries were a great medicine. So they bade me tell this story to my people when I move upon the earth again. Now they said, `We shall continually reveal things into you. We, the servants of him who made us, say that as he employed us to come unto you to reveal his will, so you must carry it to your people. Now we are they whom he created when he made the world and our duty is to watch over and care for mankind. Now there are four of us but the fourth is not here present. When we called you by name and you heard, he returned to tell the news. This will bring joy into the heaven-world of our Creator. So it is that the fourth is not with us but you shall see him at another time and when that time is at hand you shall know. Now furthermore we must remind you of the evil things that you have done and you must repent of all things that you believe to have been evil. You think that you have done wrong because of the Death chant, the Women's song, and the Harvest song and because you partook of strong drink. Verily you must do as you think for whatsoever you think is evil is evil.'

"`And now behold! Look through the valley between two hills. Look between the sunrise and the noon!'

"So I looked, and in the valley there was a deeper hollow from which smoke was arising and steam as if a hot place were beneath.

"I answered, `I see a place in the valley from which smoke is arising and it is also steaming as a hot place were beneath.'

"Then said the beings, `Truly you have spoken. It is the truth. In that place a man is buried. He lies between the two hills in the hollow in the valley and a great message is buried with him. Once we commanded that man to proclaim that message to the world but he refused to obey. So now he will never rise from that spot for he refused to obey. So now to you, therefore, we say, proclaim the message that we give you and tell it truly before all people.'

"`Now the first thing has been finished and it remains for us to uncover all wickedness before you.' So they said."

"Now the beings spoke saying, `We must now relate our message. We will uncover the evil upon the earth and show how men spoil the laws the Great Ruler has made and thereby made him angry'

"`The Creator made man a living creature.'

"`Four words tell a great story of wrong and the Creator is sad because of the trouble they bring, so go and tell your people.'

"`The first word is Whiskey (or Rum). It seems that you never have known that this word stands for a great and monstrous evil and has reared a high mound of bones. You lose your minds and whiskey causes it all. Alas, many are fond of it and are too fond of it. So now all must now say, "I will use it nevermore. As long as I live, as long as the number of my days is I will never use it again. I now stop." So must all say when they heard this message.' Now the beings, the servants of the Great Ruler, the messengers of him who created us, said this. Furthermore they said that the Creator made whiskey and gave it to our younger brethren, the white man, as a medicine but they use it for evil for they drink it for other purposes than medicine and drink instead of work and idlers drink whiskey. No, the Creator did not make it for you."

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now spoke the beings and said, `We now speak of the second word. This makes the Creator angry. The word is witchcraft. Witches are people without their right minds. They make disease and spread sickness to make the living die. They cut short the numbered days, for the Creator has given each person a certain number of days in which to live in this world.

"`Now this must you do: When you have told this message and the witches hear it they will confess before all the people and will say, `I am doing this evil thing but now I cease it forever, as long as I live. Some witches are more evil and cannot speak in public so these must come privately and confess to you, Handsome Lake, or a preacher of this Gaiwiio (Good Message). Now some are most evil and they must go far out upon an abandoned trail and there they must confess before the Creator alone. This course may be taken by witches of whom no one knows.

"`Now when they go they must say:

"Our Creator, O listen to me!

I am a miserable creature.

I think that way

So now I cease.

Now this is appointed

For all of my days,

As long as I live here

in this earth-world.

I have spoken."

"`In this manner all must say and say truly, then the prayer will be sufficient."'

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now the beings spoke again saying, `This is the third word. It is a sad one and the Creator is very sad because of this third word. It seems that you have never known that a great pile of human bodies lies dead because of this word, the secret poisons in little bundles named compelling charms. Now the Creator who made us commands that they who do this evil, when they hear this message, must stop it immediately and do it nevermore while they live upon this earth-world. It matters not how much destruction they have wrought-let them repent and not fail for fear the Creator will not accept them as his own."'

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"`Now another word. It is sad. It is the fourth word. It is abortion.

"`Now the Creator ordained that women should bear children.

"`Now a certain young married woman had children and suffered much. Now she is with child again and her mother wishing to prevent further sufferings designs to administer a medicine to cut off the child and to prevent forever other children from coming. So the mother makes the medicine and gives it. Now when she does this she forever cuts away her daughter's spring of children. Now it is because of such things that the Creator is sad. He created life to live and he wishes such evils to cease. He wishes those who employ such medicines to cease such prac-tices forevermore. Now they must stop when they hear this message. Go and tell your people."'

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"`Now another message to tell your people.

"`The messengers have given the promise to the prophet that he will be able to judge diseases and prescribe remedies. So also he will be able to see far down into the earth as far as runs the elm's root. Then if any trouble comes and anyone asks the help of the prophet, he must give it freely, but they who ask must give an offering of tobacco. Now there will be some in your care who will be taken from your hands for other treatment. No wrong will be done and you must bear no ill will. It is said that the events of all our days are foreknown, so when the time comes for you to exercise your power we will tell you and then you may judge the earth and cure diseases."'

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message for your people.

"Now when my relatives heard all this they said, `This man must be a clairvoyant.'

"The news spread and Cornplanter came as a messenger. Now he came to Handsome Lake and said, `Why, having the assurance of powers, do you not commence now. Come prophesy!' Now he had tobacco for an offering. Then he said, `My daughter is very sick.'

"Now the diviner of mysteries did not respond to his entreaty and so Cornplanter went out but soon came running back. This second time he had the same request and pleaded more earnestly, but without avail.

"Then it was said that he would not respond to the cry of a brother and had no hearing for the voice of a brother.

"Again Cornplanter returned and urged his brother.

"Now the people said, `Have we not something to say to you as well as the messengers of the Creator?'

"Then he answered and said, `Truly the people say that I will not reason. Verily I am true to my words. Now I can do nothing but try but I have not yet the permission of the messengers.'

"Now he went into a deep sleep and when he awoke he told his vision. Now he said that the death chant should be sung for the sick woman.

"Now it is said that at that time the first song was in order but every part of the song was silent.

"Now a rumor spread that after all it was not wrong to continue the ceremonial dances once forbidden. So many were sick because they had not observed the commanded method of closing the societies:

This was so when Gaiwiio was new. It was that way . . . .

"Now another message.

"This happened when Gaiwiio was new. It was the time when he dwelt at Cornplanter village.

"A father and son appeared in Cornplanter village. Now the name of the son was Ganiseon. They were on a hunting journey and came from Cattaraugus village with a horse and cart. Now they tarried in Cornplan ter village for several nights before again taking up their journey.

"It was during the hunting season that the news spread that some , one had returned from the hunting grounds without a companion. It was the young man who had returned. So they questioned him and asked where his father was. He answered, `My father is lost. I went about searching for my father a number of days. I walked and searched and signalled with gun discharges hoping to find him. I could not find him and became weary waiting for his return.' So he said:"

"Now Cornplanter when he heard this said, `It is apparent to me that the young man has spoken the untruth.' So then they all went to the diviner of mysteries and Cornplanter spoke to him saying, `It is my opinion that the boy has murdered his own father.' And the prophet answering said, `They have not yet given me the power to see things but this will I do. Bring a bullet, a knife, and a hatchet that the boy may look upon these things when I speak and perhaps the truth will come. One of these things will move though not touched and he shall be the witness. So the head men did as bidden and placed the objects as directed. In the middle of the floor they spread a blanket and put the articles upon it. Then they gathered around it and watched, and as they watched he spoke and the bullet moved. Thus it happened. Then spoke Handsome Lake, `This brings the confirmation of the rumor. Truly the youth has murdered his father, and furthermore I saw that the crime was committed between Franklin (Pa.) and Oil City (Pa.). On the south side of a mountain, where half way up an elm is broken, leaning over on the downhill side to the west lies the body buried in the leaves of the top branches. He, the father, is buried in the leaves.' So he said when he spoke. The chiefs and head-men appointed a delegation to see if all he had said were true. So they went as they had been told and found the body of the father and brought it back with them." It was that way . . . .

"So now another story.

"It happened that at a certain time a certain person did not honor Gaiwiio. At a gathering where Gaiwiio was being told this was done. It was at Cold Spring village.

"A man was standing in the doorway showing disrespect to the proceedings within. The prophet was speaking and as he said in closing `It is finished' the man in the doorway daini'dadi . Now that was the last. The man did not go home to his dwelling and the next day it was rumored that he was missing. A search was made and on the other side of the Allegany in a swamp two days later the man was found. He was sitting above it. He had broken branches and arranged them in the form of a nest upon which he sat devouring snakes. He was not in his right mind. They took him from his nest and soon he died." It was that way.

"Now another story.

"Now it was that when the people reviled me, the proclaimer of the prophecy, the impression came to me that it would be well to depart and go to Tonawanda. In that place I had relatives and friends and thought that my bones might find a resting place there. Thus I thought through the day.

"Then the messengers came to me and said `We understand your thoughts. We will visit you more frequently and converse with you. Wherever you go take care not to be alone. Be cautious and move secretly'

"Then the messengers told me that my life journey would be in three stages and when I entered the third I would enter into the eternity of the New World , the land of our Creator. So they said." It was that way.

"The day was bright when I went into the planted field and alone I wandered in the planted field and it was the time of the second hoeing. Suddenly a damsel appeared and threw her arms around my neck and as she clasped me she spoke saying, `When you leave this earth for the new world above, it is our wish to follow you.' I looked for the damsel but saw only the long leaves of corn twining round my shoulders. And then I understood that it was the spirit of the corn who had spoken, she the sustainer of life. So I replied, `O spirit of the corn, follow not me but abide still upon the earth and be strong and be faithful to your purpose. Ever endure and do not fail the children of women. It is not time for you

to follow for Gaiwiio is only in its beginning."' It was that way . . . .

"`Now another message for your people.

"`Some of your relatives and descendants will say, "We lack an understanding of this religion," and this will be the cry of the people. But even we, the servants of the Creator, do not understand all things. Now some when they are turned to the right way will say, " I will continue so for all of my days," but this will not be so for they surely will fall short in some things. This is why even we can not understand all things."`

So they said. It was that way . . . .

"Now another message.

"Now the messengers commanded him to give attention and he did. Then he saw a great assembly and the assembly was singing:

`The whole earth is here assembled,

The whole world may come to us.

We are ready.'

"Then said the messengers, `What did you see when you gave attention?'

"He answered, `I saw a great gathering of beings and the gathering was singing and the words of the song were:

`The whole earth is here assembled,

The whole world may come to us.

We are ready.'

"Then said the messengers, `It is very true. The beings that you saw resemble human creatures. It is true that they are singing. Now the assembly is a gathered host of medicines for healing. Now let this be your ceremony when you wish to employ the medicine in a plant: First offer tobacco. Then tell the plant in gentle words what you desire of it and pluck it from the roots. It is said in the upper world that it is not right to take a plant for medicine without first talking to it. Let not one ever be taken without first speaking."'

So they said and he said. It was that way . . . .

"`Now another message to tell our people.

"`The religious leaders and the chiefs must enforce obedience to the teachings of Gaiwiio."'

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message.

"Now it is said that you must relate what the messengers say about the coming end of the earth. Relate how all those who refuse to believe in Gaiwiio will suffer hardships. Now when the earth is about to end the chiefs and head-men will disagree and that will be a sign. So also, the Overseer of the ceremonies will disagree. Then will the relations know "the truth."

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message.

"Now we say that you must tell your friends and relatives that there will be a time when all the earth will withhold its sustaining foods. Then will come the end of the world and those who refuse to believe in Gaiwiio will suffer great hardships."

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message . . . .

"Now we think that a time will come when a woman will be seen performing her witch spells in the daylight. Then will you know that the end is near. She will run through the neighborhood boasting how many he has slain by her sorcery. Then will you see how she who refused to believe in Gaiwiio will suffer punishment."

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message.

"In that time you will hear many rumors of men who say, `I have spoken with the Creator.' So also will you see many wonders but they `will not endure for they will be the work of the evil spirit.

"Verily we say that there will be none other than you who will receive a message from the Creator through us. This truth will be proclaimed when the end comes.'

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message.

"In that time every poisonous creature will appear. These creatures the Creator has imprisoned in the underworld and they are the creations of the evil-minded spirit. Now it is our opinion that when they are released many people will be captured and poisoned by them. Men will see these hardships when they fail to believe in Gaiwiio."

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message.

"Now there will be some who will enter into a sleep. When they lie down they will be in health and as they sleep the Creator will withdraw their lives for they are true. To the faithful this will happen."

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message.

"Now we think that the Creator will stop the earth and heavens. All the powers of nature will he suspend. Now they will see this who refuse to believe in Gaiwiio."

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message.

"Now we think that when the end comes the earth will be destroyed by fire and not one upon it will escape for all the earth will be enveloped in flames and all those who refuse to believe in Gaiwiio will be in it."

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message for your people.

"`If all the world would repent the earth would become as new again. Because of sin the under-world is crumbling with decay. The world is full of sin. Truly, this is so."'

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"`Now another message for you to tell your people.

"`It is not right for you to have so many dances and dance songs.

"`A man calls a dance in honor of some totem animal from which he desires favor or power. This is very wrong, for you do not know what injury it may work upon other people.

"`Tell your people that these things must cease. Tell them to repent and cease."'

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"`Now this shall be the way: They who belong to these totem animal societies must throw tobacco and disband.' So they said. Now in those days when the head men heard this message they said at once in anger, `We disband,' and they said this without holding a ceremony as the messenger had directed."

It was that way . . . .

"`Now another message to tell your people.

"`Now the messengers said that this thing was beyond the control of Indians.

"`At some future day the wild animals will become extinct. Now when that day comes the people will raise cattle and swine for feast food at the thanksgivings."

So they said and he said. It was that way . . . .

"Now another message. Tell it to those at Tonawanda.

"Now they said to him, `Watch a certain place.' So he did and he saw a certain person holding meat in his hands. The man was rejoicing and was well clothed and fed and his name was Tadondaieha, and he recognized him."

"Then said they to him, `How is it?'

"He answered, `I recognized Tadondaieha and he held meat in his hands.' So he answered he who talked religiously."

"Then the messengers answered, `Truly you saw a man with meat enjoying himself. He was joyous because he was a prosperous and successful hunter and gave game as presents to his neighbors. So his neighhors were grateful and thanked him. Now the man you saw has departed from the earth. In his earth-life he cleansed himself each day, visited and enjoyed himself in his best clothing. He was ever good to his fellowbeings and so he is blessed and will receive the reward reserved for him by his Creator."

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message.

"`The Creator has ordered that man and wife should rear their children well, love them and keep them in health. This is the Creator's rule. We, the messengers, have seen both men and women desert each other when children come. The woman discovers that the man, her husband, loves his child and she is very jealous and spreads evil reports of him. She does this for an excuse before the world to leave him. Thus the messengers say that the Creator desires men and women to cease such mischief."'

So they said and he said. It was that way . . . .

"`Now another message to tell your people.

"`The married often live well together for a while. Then a man becomes ugly in temper and abuses his wife. It seems to afford him pleasure. Now because of such things the Creator is very sad. So he bids us to tell you that such evils must stop. Neither man nor woman must strike each other.' So they said.

"Now furthermore they said, `We will tell you what people must do. It is the way he calls best. Love one another and do not strive for another's undoing. Even as you desire good treatment, so render it. Treat your wife well and she will treat you well."'

So they said and he said. It was that way . . . .

"Now another message.

"`A way that was followed.

"`Sometimes a mother is ready to feed her family. When she is ready

to bid them sit down, she glances out and sees someone coming and straightway hides the foods. A woman visitor comes in. Now after some conversation the visitor says she is unwell and goes out. Then the family commences to eat. And the Creator says that who follow such tricks must repent as soon as they hear this message, for such practices are most wicked."'

"Now the messengers said this."

"`Now the Creator made food for all creatures and it must be free for all. He ordained that people should live in communities. Now when visitors enter a lodge the woman must always say, "come eat." Now it is not right to refuse what is offered. The visitor must take two or three bites at least and say, "Thanks." Tell this to your people."'

So they said and he said. It was that way . . . .

"Now another message.

"`When a woman sees an unfortunate girl who has neither parents nor settled home and calls her in and helps her repair her clothing, cleanse herself and comb her hair, she does right and has favor in the sight of her Creator. He loves the poor and the woman does right before him. So we, the messengers, say that you must tell your people to continue to do this good thing."'

So they said he he said. It was that way . . . .

"Now another message to tell your people.

"`Now some men have much work and invite all their friends to come and aid them and they do so. Now this is a good plan and the Creator designed it. He ordained that men should help one another."'

"Now another message of things not right.

"`People do wrong in the world and the Creator looks at all things.

"`A woman sees some green vegetables and they are not hers. She takes them wrongly. Now she is a thieving woman. Tell your people that petty thieving must cease.' So they said.

"'Now the Creator gave our life givers (corn, beans, squash) for a living. When a woman sees a new crop and wishes to eat of it in her own house, she must ask the owner for a portion and offer payment. Then may the owner use her judgment and accept recompense or give the request freely."'

So they said and he said. It was that way . . . .

"'Now another message to tell your people.

"'Now we are of the mind that the cold of winter will take life away. Many will be taken away because of the changing cold. Moreover some will freeze because they are filled with strong drink. Then again when the earth grows warm and warm changes come, many will perish because of strong drink. Now the Creator never intended that variations of weather and season, warm and cold, should cause death."'

"`The Creator made the waters of the earth, the rivers and lakes. These too will cause death and some filled with strong drink will be swallowed up by the waters."'

"`And now more. The Creator made fire and this will also cause death and some filled with strong drink will be destroyed by the flames."'

"'Verily he has said and ordained that they who disobey Gaiwiio should fall into hardships."'

So they said and he said. It was that way . . . .

"So they proceeded on their journey and had not gone far when they came to a halt.

"Then the messengers pointed out a certain spot and said, `Watch attentively' and beheld a man carrying loads of dirt and depositing them in a certain spot. He carried the earth in a wheelbarrow and his task was a hard one. Then he knew that the name of the man was Red Jacket, a chief.

"Then asked the messengers, `What did you see?'

"He answered, `I beheld a man carrying dirt in a wheelbarrow and that man had a laborious task. His name was Red Jacket, a chief.'

"Then answered the messengers, `You have spoken truly. Red Jacket is the name of the man who carries the dirt. It is true that his work is laborious and this is for a punishment for he was the one who first gave his consent to the sale of Indian reservations. It is said that there is hardship for those who part with their lands for money or trade. So now you have seen the doom of those who repent not. Their eternity will be one of punishment."'

So they said and he said. It was that way . . . .

"So they proceeded a little ways farther and in a short time they reached a certain spot and stopped.

"Then said the messengers, `Look toward the setting sun.'

"So he looked and saw. Now as he looked he seemed to see a man pacing to and fro. He seemed to be a white man and in his hand he seemed to have a bayonet with which he prodded the ground. Now moreover he seemed very angry.

"Then said the messengers, `What did you see?'

"He answered, `I saw what seemed to be a man pacing to and fro. He seemed to be a white man and in his hand he seemed to have a bayonet with which he prodded the ground, and, moreover, it seemed that he was angry.' So he said when he answered.

"Then the messengers said, `It is true. He is a white man and in a temper. It is true. Indians must not help him and the head men must honestly strive to prevent their followers from helping him."'

So they said and he said. It was that way . . . .

"`Now another message.

"`Three things that our younger brethren (the white people) do are right to follow.

"`Now, the first. The white man works on a tract of cultivated ground and harvests food for his family. So if he should die they still have the ground for help. If any of your people have cultivated ground let them not be proud on that account. If one is proud there is sin within him but if there be no pride there is no sin.

"`Now, the seond thing. It is the way a white man builds a house. He builds one warm and fine appearing so if he dies the family has the house for help. Whoso among you does this does right, always providing there is no pride. If there is pride it is evil but if there is none, it is well.

"`Now the third. The white man keeps horses and cattle. Now there is no evil in this for they are a help to his family. So if he dies his family has the stock for help. Now all this is right if there is no pride. No evil will follow this practice if the animals are well fed, treated kindly and not overworked. Tell this to your people."'

So they said and he said. It was that way.

"Now another message to tell your relatives.

"`This concerns education. It is concerning studying in English schools.

"`Now let the Council appoint twelve people to study, two from each nation of the six. So many white people are about you that you must study to know their ways."'

So they said and he said. It was that way.



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