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from http://www.indigosun.com/dec98/quirk.htm


by Patrick Edward Quirk, Speaking Wind

Read Speaking Winds Manuscripts offsite

Speaking Wind

 My brothers and I discovered an old book in the wall of a church built in 1536 AD, north of Coyote, New Mexico. It was written by a Father Juan Rudolfo over four hundred years ago. In it, he wrote that he and his best friend, Father Paul Saiz were sent to Mexico City in 1521, but due to the harsh treatment of the Native Americans at the time, they wrote a petition to the Governor General of Mexico asking them to stop. However, their petition was quickly answered stating their role in the New World was to convert the Natives before they were killed. And, if they attempted to meddle in state affairs, they would be sent back to Spain, and tried for treason against the crown.

Father Juan wrote, during his time, the natives who were not of noble Aztec blood, were experimented on. However, the Aztecs were only being held for questioning, for the government wanted to find where more gold and gems, had been hidden.

Father Juan and Paul, knew they could do nothing more for the other natives and decided to assist, in any way they could, the remaining Aztecs. That was when they met an old Aztec man. Due to his age, he was not questioned immediately by the Spanish Government, and had been wandering around Mexico City for months, before he met the two priests.
 Both priests took to heart what they were told by the Spanish Government, and thought this would be an opportune time to begin converting the old man to Christianity. So they, and four other priests, had the old man brought to them every day at a certain time. However, when they started telling him about God, and how The Christ was the savior of all mankind, the old man smiled at them and said, they did not know what they were saying, too well. He said they only knew part of the story, but he could tell them the rest.

At first, they did not believe the old man knew what he was saying. They thought he was trying to trick them so he might live a little longer. But when he started telling them about conditions the Hebrews lived in the Old Testament, and what life was like for the Jews in the New Testament, they were shocked. For he not only told them about pieces of history they had no knowledge of, but he said it with such sureness, they could not help but believe him.

At first, they thought he might be an angel sent to spy on them. However, seeing that he got tired, needed to eat and drink, and had his good and bad days, that thought soon left them.

Next, they set into motion another set of questions. Things he should have no knowledge of, that is, unless he actually was telling them the truth about what he knew. They questioned him about specific events that were recorded in both Testaments of the Bible, and, he not only answered them correctly, but explained them in great detail.

The old man went on to tell them he was a member of the Jaguar Warrior Class. A specially selected group of individuals, chosen from childhood, to guard specific places. The place he had been given was called, The Ancient City Of Prophecy. It had been built by a civilization so old, no one remembered who they were, or where they came from, but stories telling of its existence had been known of for several thousand years. And, there were three old Native priests   residing there who had instructed him on what he was telling them. He said everything he told them could be found in a temple within this ancient city. He called it The Temple Of Mankind’s Legacy, and said he could take them to it, if they wished.

He told them the contents, and priests who had been   allowed to live there, were considered sacred by all civilizations of the past. That not only the Aztec, but the Maya, Olmec, Toltec, and others, who went back so far in time no one could remember their names, had used the writings within this city to gather their wisdom.
 Father Juan and Paul did not want the government to know about this ancient city, and vowed the other priests to secrecy. However, that was not to be, for the government did find out and sent three hundred soldiers, and five hundred native bearers with them. But they were not interested in  ancient records, they were only interested in finding more gold, and gems.

Father Juan wrote their convoy was over four miles long, and they, with the old man, traveled in the middle. However, when the captain of the expedition arrived at the mountain the ancient city had been built under, he saw three old men approach him, and became unnerved. He had them killed immediately because of what he said they were wearing. Reportedly, things that were seditious against the holy church.

When the old man heard the news, he cried and told the two priests they were the last of their kind. For no other  living human could translate the ancient writings. But Father Juan and Paul had another idea. They knew, if the old man could tell them what he had been instructed on, then point to where it was written within the temple walls, they might be able to translate all of it without the aid of the men who were killed.

They did just that, but when they began reading their discoveries to the soldiers who accompanied them, they went insane and began killing each other, then themselves. When the expedition returned to Mexico City, there were only eighty men left. However, the two priests, and the old man, remained at the ancient city to continue their translations, and made an alphabet that could be used by others to translate the writings they had discovered.

A few months later, another priest informed them the government had labeled them criminals, and had issued their death warrant. Presumably, because of what they told the soldiers who had come with them. He said, whatever they had discovered in this ancient city had caused the government to give up their efforts of locating more gold or gems. For they were now using all available resources at their command to destroy every Aztec record they could find. Whatever they discovered, the priest told them, caused them to loose interest in finding more wealth. He said they exhibited more fear in anyone finding out what the returning expeditions told them, than their greed for gold. As monumental as it was, the priest told them he feared knowing about it, then left after delivering his warning.

But the two priests continued their work, for they believed what they were translating was more important than their lives. They also knew, the world was not yet ready to hear of what they discovered, and believed it best to hide their completed work, until it was.

From what they translated, they knew the Bible, in its present form, was not complete. They had proof, from the Temple Writings, that much of it had been changed, and in some cases, deleted. In addition, they uncovered writings, within the temple, that said there were not Ten Original Commandments given to Moses by God, but Eleven. Eight of which were recorded within the ancient city, while the last three were recorded at a second ancient site. But they only knew it was to the north, and beyond the great desert.

Father Paul and the old man decided to remain within the ancient city, record what translations they could, then seal the city from within. Father Juan would go north, and search for the second ancient site. But that was all Father Juan recorded in his ledger.

Over four hundred years later, we found Father Juan’s ledger in the church wall he hid it in. The parish priest,      Father Juan, who had taken his name from the original Father Juan Rudolfo, assisted us in filling in the blanks we had come up with.

We discovered the Ancient City Of Prophecy, and the completed work by Father Paul, and the old Aztec man. It had been hidden within the ancient city and was protected in a wax like substance. We translated, not only Father Paul’s manuscript, but the ancient writings from the Temple. And that began a chase by a secretive group of individuals called, The Brotherhood. They were led by a man who called himself Father Sanchez. He did not want us to complete our discovery, nor did he, or his organization, want any of it to be known.

This then is our story. It is an account of an adventure that led us to discover what has been hidden from humanity for more than three thousand years, and why.

Site Locations:

Peru, The Yucatan, Colorado, and New Mexico

Main Characters:

Cheeway: Head archeologist. Ph.D. in Archeology. Native American (Pueblos from Northern New Mexico).
Nahe: Sheriff of Coyote, New Mexico. Native American (Pueblos from Northern New Mexico).
Speaking Wind: Graduate and Post Graduate work in International Trade. Native American (Pueblos from Northern New Mexico).
Jade: Investor and member of expedition. Ph.D. in Ancient Languages.
Roberts: Investor and member of expedition. Ph.D. in Ancient Cultures.
Stevens: Investor and member of expedition. Ph.D. in International Politics.
Joe: Leader of Rebel Band from The Yucatan. (Native American, Aztec)
Father Juan: Parish priest in old church north of Coyote, New Mexico.
Father Joe: Parish priest in old church north of Coyote, New Mexico. Ph.D. in Archeology.
Father Sanchez: Head of the secretive organization, The Brotherhood.
Xumal: Bodyguard of Father Sanchez, and double agent giving us assistance to stay ahead of The Brotherhood. Native American, Patagonian

  Read Speaking Winds Manuscripts offsite




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