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Tawatnaw Speaks

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Tawatnaw Speaks

© Wayne Moody

December 5, 2001

Shakeup Coming

The changes in your world are in the process of accelerating. The forces of darkness and light are polarizing and becoming more separated and clearly defined. It will be difficult to avoid making choices between the two clear options as the stresses of separation increase.

During this final intensification, your world will shake as has not been experienced but in far distant memories of previous continental destructions. You are entering into a period where the earth will shake in many places almost simultaneously. This is now beginning its buildup and will continue increasing so that a clear pattern will be recognized within the next few months. Many will be afraid and will fear that the predictions for massive earth changes, including the sinking of lands, massive inundation, and rising of new lands in the oceans, are upon you. There will be new eruptions as the pressures building beneath the Earth's surface are released.

This shaking is both a result of the inability of your leadership and your governance mechanisms to change in response to the many warnings that have been given, as well as our way to shake many more into a new awareness that major changes are necessary if your world is to survive its many assaults.

In the beginning, the quakes will not be massive in terms of creating great destruction. However, they will be many and will tend to increase in magnitude in those areas that are accustomed to quakes, and will also occur in greater numbers in places that do not normally experience quaking. As we say, the quaking will increase in numbers and will only begin to increase slightly in magnitude. However, this quaking will gradually increase in magnitude until there is sufficient attention given to its threats and until there is significant change in the methods of honoring the Earth. Many will feel the shaking, even in areas that are far distant from the actual quake epicenters.

We do not wish to create panic, nor do we wish to cause pain and destruction. However, a shakeup is necessary in order to change the relationships that many Earth inhabitants have with each other, with the sacredness of the land itself, and with the ways of governance. We are entering into a time where the people themselves must assume more responsibility for creating their own safety and their own communities, and to take control of their governance out of the hands of those who have only self-interest and who seek to control the minds and the economies of the masses for personal benefit. We tell those who are secure in their understanding and honoring of community and Earth not to fear these changes, but to embrace them with compassion and joy, for they will result in a new unity, a new peace, and a new harmony. We ask that those who are practiced in the ways of honoring the ground upon which they stand and honoring the Earth spirit step up their efforts to educate others and make their philosophies known.

We ask those to speak out to make their governments and their leaders accountable for their actions. We ask that they take even greater responsibility to speak their truths and to not fear what others might think or say. There is power in numbers; there is power in truth; there is power in a single individual speaking his or her truth, even to small groups. We tell you unequivocally that, as those of you who have an understanding of the sacredness of the Earth, and a passion for your cause speak out and be heard, and spread the word of truth to those close to you, the Earth will settle back down and become like a refreshing garden, nurturing and comforting you and providing a new level of safety and security.

At the same time, we will tell you that amazing new announcements, discoveries, and revelations will continue to be made that will help shift public opinion and awareness of new possibilities. These will be related to Earth history, energy sources, cosmic relationships, and previously hidden documents. These discoveries and announcements are designed to open eyes that have been refusing to see. The pressure has been building in intensity to reveal previously-guarded secret information. As more of these announcements are made, it will help to relieve the need for geologic shakeups.

We know that Wayne has been getting urges over the past several days to write something about the coming shakeups, as he has been seeing small hints, but has been reluctant to do so, for fear that it may not be accurate. We ask him to have the courage to share this information with others and to not fear that it might not be totally accurate, for it may encourage others to speak that may not otherwise be heard.

Tawatnaw Speaks

© Wayne Moody

November 5, 2001

"The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness." ~~Albert Einstein

The Merging of Spirit and Science

You have been accustomed on your plane to view science as the work of the logical mind; the realm of proof through measurement in the three-dimensional reality that occupies your attention. This attachment to discovering the laws that govern the observable world is the realm of science as it has developed over the recent centuries on your planet. The time is fast approaching, however, in which the laws that govern the three-dimensional reality are no longer adequate to explain the reality in which more and more people are finding themselves. As more and more people are acknowledging experiences of the mystical kind, science too is slipping over into the fourth and fifth dimensions and is finding that the laws that govern those dimensions are not the same laws that have governed the third dimension: they may be similar laws, but they function differently when operating in non-physical realities.

Wayne has remembered a quote from one of your (and our) greatest scientists, Albert Einstein, and has placed it at the beginning of this transmission, as it suggests that emotion and sensation of the mystical-that which is beyond the three-dimensional world, not logic, is the essence living behind science. He has placed a quote from another great scientist, Nicola Tesla, at the end--a prophetic statement that the world will progress rapidly when your scientists begin studying non-physical phenomena, as they are now beginning to do.

Because the three-dimensional science has been so ingrained in your accepted world, when one has an experience outside the realm of scientific explanation, he or she tends not to share it with others, either for fear of being called crazy or weird, or because the experience is so far outside one's realm of believability that it is emotionally buried and forgotten. The rigidity of the three-dimensional world is breaking up. Many cracks have formed in the accepted reality that are allowing glimpses of a different reality, a reality in which the flow of energy is more fluid or even gaseous and etheric. These cracks are altering your perceptions of reality, opening your experience to other-dimensional realities and in the process altering your abilities to work with those realities in much more fluid ways.

Today, people in much of the developed world take pills, supplements, drugs and herbs to help heal various illnesses or they have a variety of surgical operations to either take out or patch up dysfunctional organs. This is third-dimensional reality, governed by a mechanist viewpoint that might say, "My body lacks a certain element that has created an imbalance or disease and therefore if I ingest that certain element or chemicals that interact to create that certain element, I will come back into balance and the illness or disease will no longer be operative;" or, "My body has a diseased organ and if it is removed the disease will be removed with it."

There is another reality opening up, however, which acknowledges the mechanistic laws that govern the third-dimensional world and also acknowledges the mystical laws that govern worlds beyond the third-dimensional. These mystical laws do not require the use of surgery or supplements, but do require that a person make the dimensional shift to allow them to work through him or her. Even though mystics have been teaching these laws for thousands of years, for them to work in someone's life requires a direct experience of their reality. Whereas the laws of the third dimension require experience at primarily a physical and mental level, the laws of mysticism require experience at primarily an emotional and extra-sensory level. When I speak of the emotions, I am not referring to the reactionary emotional experiences that result from fear, anger, jealousy, and similar feelings that separate you from the infinite flow of energy. I am, however, speaking of feelings that one senses when one sits quietly, allows the personal judgment of emotions to dissipate, and experiences the animating liveliness that flows through every cell of the physical body.

For those of you who have been trained from childhood to experience the physical and subvert the emotional, moving into the new reality may require extensive retraining, expanding your world of constrained beliefs into the more subtle realms of experience. Whereas most of your experience has been through the five senses primarily located in the head (seeing, smelling, hearing, speaking), you will begin to experience more from the emotional centers of the heart and the solar plexus, as well as the pineal gland. These are other sensory centers of the integrated physical and spiritual body that can be developed to experience the reality of the worlds of spirit and mysticism. Experiencing only the energy of these feelings without the attached judgments of right and wrong requires continual training in discernment.

As you begin to experience and trust these new sensations, you will develop a new sense of discernment and subtle emotions that bring you into the laws that govern the dimensions of spirit. You will learn these laws just as you have learned the laws of physics and you will see that these laws actually govern the third dimension, not vice-versa. As you learn these new laws of spirit, the need for operations and supplements, as an example, will fall away, as you will be able to "see" how the laws of energetic attraction and the natural flow of spiritual energy work to automatically correct the diseases and discomforts that in actuality were created by lack of understanding, self-imposed limitations of spiritual energy flow, and emotional judgments that created blockages and resistance points in our physical bodies, which in turn attracted incompatible situations.

When you begin to directly experience the flow of spiritual energy working through your body and other aspects of your third dimensional world, you will begin to understand how that energy has no limitations; how it is abundant; and how its flow within and through you can create abundance in your life and in the lives of those with whom you share this knowledge and experience-whom you "touch" with this newly discovered reality. Before long, the laws of the physical world, which you set up as "gods," will fall away, as you will discover that these were the false idols that are spoken of in your scriptures. As you move into this new state of reality, the worlds of spirit and science will merge automatically and your science that develops new technologies will be based upon the deep understanding of spiritual law.

These times are not far away, my friends, and many have already begun to experience them. Yes, there will be a period of chaotic transition as those who stay rigidly bound by the laws of the three-dimensional reality will cling harder and harder to that which has provided their security and power. They will find, however, that they will be clinging to Autumn leaves that are dropping from the trees, falling to the ground and decomposing, to be converted into nourishment for the new Spring just around the corner.

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." ~~Nikola Tesla


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"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." Amos 3:7

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